Trailer: To the Moon

By: Derek Yu

On: August 9th, 2011

To the Moon is an upcoming adventure game by Kao Gan that takes place in a world where scientists can enter a person’s mind and alter their memories. The only problem? The procedure kills you! In the game, two doctors run a practice where they fulfill the wishes of dying patients by traversing through their memories. The story centers around Johnny, an elderly man whose final wish is to fly to the moon… but why?

It’s an intriguing premise for a game, and the OST, a collaboration between Kao Gan and Plants vs. Zombies musician Laura Shigihara, seems like it will be suitably sentimental. Pre-ordering the soundtrack will get you 7 tracks immediately, with 50% of sales going to charities for autism. The tentative release window for To the Moon is sometime this Fall.

  • Anonymous

    … Wow.

  • MadCatThirteen

    This looks interesting.  I’ll definitely keep my eye on it.

  • Briker Ed

    I’ll just repost my comment from the other site here:

    It sounds interesting actually. However, my lurking in the RPGmaker scene for too long has made me develop an aversion towards such graphics/tilesets and that kind of makes the game itself look generic to me & breaks any possibility of immersion, or whatever you wanna call it, unfortunately :/

  • Evan Balster

    The visuals might be a bit on the traditional side, but this is an extremely interesting premise for a game, and a good soundtrack can seal the deal on that sort of thing.  Consider me immensely interested.

  • Adidaas

    Curiosity is extremely peaked, great to see such a creative spin on a video game story. Reminds me of Eternal Sunshine for obvious reasons, but I’ll definitely be checking it out.

  • News


    Anyway, I like the premise, but it seems too sappy from the trailer.

  • nerdbot

    Agreed. The game development seems to have had a lot of passion in it (as hippie as it may sound) but I feel that the once charming use of the tileset RPG aesthetics has (for me) become too much of a tradition and it kinda makes new player experiences and immersion more difficult.
    Also, I’m eating dutch honey waffles. They’re awesome.

  • Haris Mujkic

    Visuals are so good. But I would recommend Freebird Games to change their logo. Sorry but it is awful.

  • Pastrami

    Double agreed. I think even some Runman-esque MS Paint scribbles would fit better and look more heartfelt.

  • Jethro Larson

    Have to put a pin in this one.

  • Guest

    Sounds like a great idea for a Hollywood movie (that has you all interested in the premise but of course betrays it by being shit) :)

  • GuestHouseParadiso

    Fantastic music, love the piece in the end, sadly ends too fast :P

  • Adrián Mato

    Loving OST and atmosphere

  • Adrián Mato

    Loving OST and atmosphere

  • Francisco Sebastian d’Anconia

    Wow. Awesome concept. Fantastic music. Can’t it please be in a different format? The graphics are terribad. Let FF6 go and be your own thing.

  • Sean Choate

    FUCK yes.

    As one who appreciates the sentimental, I think this looks fantastic. The fact that they use the 16-bit era RPG style to present such a story is actually perfect, because it builds on ingrained nostalgia for those games. It’s supposed to be reminiscent of things like FF6. It’s the reminiscing that digs up the feelings they are trying to convey. Wouldn’t work in another format. Yes, unfortunately, for some people who have already over-saturated those feelings of nostalgia, this won’t do a thing, and may even detract from the experience. That’s not the fault of the developers.

    Those things said, they need a new logo. That one’s just… wow. I could go into detail about everything wrong with it, but it that would be everything about it.