TIGJam 4: October 20th to 23rd

By: Derek Yu

On: August 24th, 2011

TIGJam 4

Our annual TIGJam is approaching! It’s once again taking place at the spacious Hacker Dojo in sunny Mountainview, California. Check the website for more information, including how to sign-up. The sign-up fee is $50 and pays for, among other things, a TIGJam t-shirt, refreshments during the Jam, and the traditional Indian dinner at the end. There are about 20 seats left, so git on it!

For the uninitiated, the jam lasts 4 days and is open to anyone interested in creating something, whether it’s a game, artwork, or music. You do not need to show up with a project in mind! Just be ready to build and play. Last year at TIGJam we played a lot of Street Fighter (IV and Third Strike) in between game-making and also held impromptu tournaments in Madhouse and NIDHOGG. There’s always a good chance of trying out some cool in-development indie games at TIGJam (or rediscovering old ones).

Many thanks to Matthew Wegner and Jeff Lindsay for organizing the jam, and thanks to Kyle Pulver for designing the jam’s website.

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    First Comment!

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    Matthew 20:16″So the last will be first, and the first will be last.”

  • Phubans

    Second anal Madhouse tournament!! :D

  • Phubans


  • http://s.hryx.net/ hryx

    Jousting tournament in the parking lot

  • Sylvester Ink

    I didn’t realize these were held in CA.  I won’t be able to make it this year, but next year . . . maybe.

  • YetanotherguyIam

    Last Comment!

  • http://twitter.com/samuraidan Dan MacDonald

    Interesting, TIGSource like most other indie game communities used to be frequented primarily by indie devs and would be indie devs. I wonder if the site is slowly moving towards people who just enjoy indies playing indie games or watching them get made.

  • http://www.harisgamestudio.biz Haris Mujkic

    Going to people who just like indie games and that is BAD.

  • http://www.harisgamestudio.biz Haris Mujkic

    Going to people who just like indie games and that is BAD.

  • Phubans

    Yeah “indie” games are the hip, new, fresh, “sustainable”, green, web 2.0, avant-garde wave of the future. It’s all about the celebrityism of indie games and their developers now! Phil Fish? Check. Indie Game the Movie? Check. Bring on the groupies, brah! It’s just too bad all those groupies fit a 13 – 20 year old male demographic, eh? Less competition from all the “what am I gonna do with my life- OH, HOW BOUT I MAKE GAMES” crowd that decides this career overnight… Or the start-up business moguls that know nothing about games but see how well they sell and hop that bandwagon. Dirty dollars dictate dire decisions.

  • http://twitter.com/celluloseman Evan Balster

    Expect Team Plaid Notion there with bells on.  >:^D

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  • Phubans

    Why don’t women love me?

    Why are there hundreds of talentless hacks who are better than me at what I flailingly, failingly attempt to do every sad day of my pathetic existence?

    Endorse me Derek; come whisk me away from my tired little life.