Trailer: Legend of Grimrock

By: Derek Yu

On: September 2nd, 2011

Legend of Grimrock is an upcoming first-person dungeon crawl from the four-man Finnish studio Almost Human, whose developers have previously worked for Remedy (Max Payne) and Futuremark (Shattered Horizon). It’s slated for an end of 2011 release, on Windows, Mac, and iOS.

  • News

    specular rectile fest

  • Nail_Bombed

    Holy Dungeon Master, Batman.

  • Anonymous

    This makes up for that godamned Auction House and Always Online crap.

  • Casey Barton

    Time to bust out the graph paper and get mapping.

  • G.Ray.0

    Retro bringed up to the next level… Awesome !

  • Ryan Szrama

    Needs a more convenient way to equip loot… the two step process of drag / drop onto a character face then drag / drop on a separate part of the screen onto a body part seems cumbersome. Equipping with the initial drag / drop would be nice. : )

    Shaman staff looks rad, though, no doubt about it…

  • Anonymous

    I am really confused by this, why would they craft such beautiful visuals, and then implement a movement system that is total crap?

    Rogue-like gameplay is just no excuse for having rogue-like movement that absolutely saps the fun out of a first person game like this.

  • Toom

    Yeah, it’s visually sumptuous, but the movement and inventory mechanics seem hopelessly stiff. That magic system is really cool, though.

  • Dustin Gluvna

    This is really great! I like it when Devs mix old school gameplay with modern tech. I.E Super Meat Boy, Limbo, Revenge of the Titans, and so on. I’ll be keeping a close eye on this one.

  • Th Koder

    I think GUI interaction is optimized for iPad.

  • vidas


  • gamecreator

    Here’s to hoping they separately optimize it for the PC.

  • bw

    There is nothing keeping that ceiling stone from falling to the floor.  

  • Lucan Monks

    This looks absolutely brilliant. I’ve loved these sort of games for ages and was looking for some sort of remake of “Eye Of The Beholder” or something like that – this seems to have peed all over anything I could imagine visually – I just hope that one of my machines will run it. :P

  • replying to an idiot


  • Guest

    Fantastic, can’t wait to buy it.

  • News

    Can you wait to play it?

  • Anonymous

    Someone here hasn’t played all the awesome dungeon games from the 90s.

    Pity him.

  • Malcolm G. Farrakhan

    If this doesn’t improve upon Eye of the Beholder II apart from graphically, then it’s a fail. Otherwise, it’s a win.

  • Anonymous

    You don’t think about what really makes a game fun?

    I think the oldschool crawlers were fun because of their atmosphere, immersion, and story (where applicable), not because their movement was limited to a grid.

    My point is the game would be MORE fun if the player wasn’t artificially restricted in their movement, and that such a restriction only takes away from the game’s enjoyability.

  • Phubans

    Hi, it’s me, Phubans. I have some great ideas for your development team, I hope you don’t steal them. Please send me an email so we can discuss terms.

  • Arne Döring

    looks very inspired by dungeon master (2).  I know there are many games discreet 90 degree turns, but dungeon master 2 is my personal number 1 of them.

  • Phubans

    I just pressed play and after watching the video, I realize you have stolen my ideas already. You work quickly! I am preparing a shiv. I await your email.

  • Joshua Mononoetoe

    Of course he thinks of what really makes a game fun. Come on, be mature.

    The movement is hardly important in dungeon crawlers, simply because of how such games are set up. The game wasn’t made for freedom of movement. Almost all dungeon crawlers (including tabletop games such as Dungeons & Dragons) are grid-based, and full freedom of movement doesn’t work with such a system. Not only that, but it would not work well with the game mechanics.

    You need to consider gamedesign. This game is a very obvious throwback at oldschool dungeon crawlers, rogue-likes and tabletop roleplaying games. And as such, people who have actually played and enjoyed those games will feel right at home here and will find that it all makes perfect sense. I think especially fans of the game “Stonekeep” will love this game. Those who seek a different system that incorporates full freedom of movement have plenty of other great titles at their disposal (think of the Elder Scrolls series, for instance).

    In other words, the game wouldn’t be more fun if it incorporated freedom of movement. The game would however be more like the games you prefer to play, and thus create the false impression that it will a better game.

  • Tiganon

    This reminds me a lot of the Elder Scrolls mobile game I used to have on my NGage.  I sort of wish there were combat screens like Wizardry 1 and Bards Tale, etc., rather than having to worry about it being a twitch-fest as I strafe mobs, back up constantly to avoid their attacks, and have to remember several spell combinations and hit them correctly as fast as I can just to compete.

    Beautiful game though.  That snail blew me away.

  • Christian J. Ruiz

    cool, i’d be down for the iOS version.

  • owen

    Why would someone build a dungeon like that?  I could never escape so I’m a little bias.

  • Ana Jones

    Whew! This is awesome.. Pretty challenging.. lol

  • Anonymous

    Jep, looks an aweful lot like Dungeon Master and I love it for that! :)

  • Anonymous

    Jep, looks an aweful lot like Dungeon Master and I love it for that! :)

  • Anonymous

    This looks pretty sweet!  Supposedly modding tools will ship post-release… can’t wait!

  • Bo

    Reminds me of eye of the beholder.