By: Derek Yu

On: September 29th, 2011

Wizorb, the first title from newly-formed Tribute Games, has just come out on Xbox Live Indie Games. You may have followed the development of this Breakout-like on the blog of Jonathan Lavigne, one of Tribute’s three founders and a talented pixel artist who created Ninja Senki and worked on the Scott Pilgrim video game. A PC release of Wizorb is slated for the end of the year.

TIGdb: Entry for Wizorb

  • Freedom

    Looks fun, I’ll wait for the PC release.  And some of those backdrops look very Zelda-ish.

  • http://www.facebook.com/people/Klrtcnwqkle-Wehwjswl/1052050690 Klrtcnwqkle Wehwjswl

    Xbox? Not interested. I’m gonna wait for a piratable PC version.

  • Player 3

    Wasn’t this posted here earlier? The trailer’s different and all.

  • Jetpackcat

    That was just for a preview of the game.

  • Franz Jaeger

    My first thought when I saw the youtube screen was, oh! it´s the background from Minish Cap.
    Game looks great though. There is an amazing NES game called Pinbal Quest or something like that. I hold my thumbs it´s something like that. A rpg:ish breakout.

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  • Anonymous

    YARWA (Yet another remake with addons)

  • KinkyJinkx

    Aside from the completely retarded name, it’s a fairly cool game. The demo really didn’t convince me that I HAVE to buy the full version though. I also cringed every time I entered a new level in the first world because the background music was almost a straight rip of the Zelda dungeon music…

  • Flexo

    Neat art, shame about the music.

  • Nail_Bombed

    Do want. An old-school Arkanoid type game with fantasy leanings for PC? Yes ma’am.

  • JayxJay

    Steam release please…

  • elephante

    The graphics look amazing and I love me some well designed brick-out. Break Quest and DX Ball are awesome examples of really good edge-of-your-seat brick-break-out clones.

    These games can be boring as hell, though. But this one has some actually unique powers so maybe there won’t be those horrid lulls in the gameplay. Those points where you don’t have a power-up and there’s only a few blocks left you can’t seem to hit.

    Pretty much a day 1 buy for me. Does anybody know what the price for this is on XBLIG? I’d assume it’s somewhere near a dollar for obvious reasons.

  • hylian726

    Looks awesome!  Too bad it’s XBLIG or I’d get it in a heartbeat. 

  • LSK

    Looks well-put-together, but I don’t like Breakout.

  • Nektonico

    looks amazing