Trailers: IGF 2012 Edition

By: Derek Yu

On: October 22nd, 2011

Some of the new trailers made for the IGF 2012 submission:

The Iconoclasts (Konjak), a non-linear platform game (demo is available from the website).

LIFE/DEATH/ISLAND (cactus), a non-linear, horror-themed shooter. Also, as a bonus: the Mondo pre-release teaser.

Pineapple Smash Crew (Rich Edwards), a squad-based top-down shooter.

Lone Survivor (Jasper Byrne), a side-scrolling survival horror game.

Kairo (Richard Perrin), a surreal first-person puzzle game.

English Country Tune (Stephen Lavelle), a 3d block-based puzzle game.

  • Klrtcnwqkle Wehwjswl

    The Aristocrats look awesome, can’t wait for the release!

  • srduncan

    english country tune looks very creative.  pumped!

  • Quazi

    am i the only one who instead of seeing a filter mask on the guy in lone survivor, saw him with a troll face grin?

  • Anonymous

    I’m happy to see that Konjak decided to finish the Iconoclasts! I played the alpha but he seemed undecided as to whether or not to finish it. It’s a very fun game with an interesting theme and wonderful art. I’m excited to see that it will be released.

  • L3gum4n

    Isn’t there something like 300+ games running for IGF? Seems like quite the small selection. Fairness anybody?

  • jeffrobot

    I’m looking forward to Kairo. No story being shoved down my throat, just me getting to autonomously explore an environment. Just the kind of game I’ve been hankering for. 

  • broAhmed

    You may like Fract too.

  • Jonathan Reardon

    Oh man konjak is finishing Iconoclasts! That’s freakin’ awesome.

  • Anonymous

    esq has compiled a playlist of all the IGF trailers that we know about so far; once the full IGF entry list is out he plans on completing that playlist; ask him about it in IRC

  • Petethegoat

    Exactly what I thought!
    I loved the alpha. Can’t wait for the full game.

  • Zmex

    Holy crap, I’m anticipating all of these – the only thing I’m disappointed in is that I probably won’t get around to playing every one of them. And not one but TWO upcoming, from Cactus. What more could I ask for?

  • Vinci_smurf

    Here is Plastic Games’s Submission Bitshifter

  • Eelfroth

    Judging from the trailer, Kairo seems quite similiar to Halfquake. That propably explains why I am in love with it right away!

  • Michaël Lievens

    When I see that indie-dev. like Konjak are participating to the IGF this year, I’m glad I have keep my money for funding another project around 2013 (or 2014 maybe) :p

  • Rapha.Arkade

    So, are these games on the 2012 IGF Pirate Kart?

  • Eelfroth

    Apparently not. Here is a full list of games included:

  • Jim Horn

    Hey all I am a part of a team that submitted a game to IGF and would like your opinion on it. The game is called Bitshifter. 

    BitShifter is an action strategy game by Plastic Games.Fight alongside an army of robotic “Bits” as they clean the virusas you battle the enemies emerging from the virus. Sixty two levels, eight environments, five weapons, two power ups, and one bad ass Bit army!PC & MAC available