Hanano Puzzle

By: ithamore

On: October 24th, 2011

Tatsunami’s Hanano Puzzle is well designed and difficult. It reminds me of Sokoban but with significant differences: switching block positions, complications brought on by color requirements and gravity. It’s a challenging game I’ve found both enjoyable and frustrating.

The in-game instructions (selectable between English and Japanese) are to the point and explain the basics of how to get the colored blocks to touch their corresponding flowers to complete its 50 levels. Some early levels are also both basic and varied enough to teach new concepts without using any clues or hints to hold your hand.

Some have wondered, in the TIGForums’ Feedback, why the difficulty can go a bit up and down between some levels. Tatsunami, however, explained it as a design choice to “stimulate the player’s motivation.” What do you think?

  • Anonymous

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  • Newbans

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  • crowe

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  • Anonymous

    I think the idea to vary game difficulty from level to level can be a good one, especially if the game is hard. This definitely works for some adventure style puzzle games like MYST. Will try it tomorrow after I get some sleep.

  • Cheifemu

    This game is brilliant. Very simple concept combined with very streamlined – and yet challenging- puzzles. I just wish I could get past level 20…

  • ithamore

    I can’t solve level 20 either nor even level 15, but I figured out how to skip levels.

  • card

    I figured it out after a long time. I’ll give you a hint: You need to have a base to make a tower of two, and the red block can’t come down. A switch is needed.

  • Luke

    Just beat level 20. Card, thanks for the hint, mainly the part about a base for the tower of two.

  • Guest

    Fuck it, I can’t even figure out level 1.

  • aabc

    i cant pass level 31. does  anyone  want to give a big big hint ? : )

  • http://blog.umkcddr.com Saturn2888

    That means there’s a solution to 26. Just great.

  • Kiwi

     Hint for the 31 ?