Trailer: Nitronic Rush

By: Derek Yu

On: November 5th, 2011

Nitronic Rush, a racing game by students from Digipen, will be released as freeware next week on November 11th.

  • gamecreator

    Purdy.  I hope it’s fun to play.

  • gnome

    Ooooh, look at the colours man, the colours!

  • 4572301

    if they take donations I’ll give some. Looks great!

  • Arucard

    Sweet, Portal 3 gonna have vehicles!

    Seriously though, looks a lot more fun than a typical racer, though I’m concerned what the framerate will be like.

  • Pompi

    Amazingly beautiful! Also the soundtrack is awesome… reminds me of Tron Legacy of course. ;)

  • Ipaddict

    Reminds me a bit of one of my favorite game as a kid, 
    San Francisco Rush 2049!

  • Guest

    Incredibly well made trailer and the gameplay looks rock solid. Makes me think Trackmania Tron Edition and that is nothing but glowy goodness in my mind.

  • Guest

    Finally, a new F-Zero!

  • Oh

    featuring ‘story mode’

    well hot damn

    that is like my FAVORITE MODE
    let me tell ya

  • Yeah

    Fuck yes, it’s Rush 2049 Stunt Mode: The Game

  • Newbans

    4chan money tossing meme

  • Evan Balster

    My first impulse was to criticize the excessive bloom and compare the game to “igneous” but it’s really doing some great stuff visually.  Sort of a “dia de los muertos” thing going on.  Usually omni-bloom is a sign of programmer art gone wild, but here the figures and scenes underlying it are well-designed.  Bravo!

  • anton vinogradov

    so want to play, too bad my life after the eleventh is already gone to another game

  • Renaud B

    Please tell me this shitty brostep song isn’t part of the actual soundtrack.

  • Michael Hollström


  • Anonymous

    Please tell me it is

  • haveagoodlife

    reminds me of motorhead!  im excited.

  • Rivon

    Exactly. Also, it’s electro house…

  • Renaud B

    “Exactly. Also, it’s electro house…”

    Amerikwans : /

  • Jochen Heizmann

    Wow. That is amazing – can’t wait to play it.

  • Rivon

    I’m from Czech Republic (Europe)…

  • Prubans

    renaud you’ve had a lot of free time lately, haven’t you.

  • Renaud B

    Haha touché !
    Didn’t want to sound like a troll but I stand by my point, when a game as such a strong artistic direction I think it’s sad to associate it with a genre that’s currently everywhere. Call it how you want, to me it’s the same talking bass nonsense that everyone and their mother’s been making since skrillex started to swim in liquid gold.

  • PiJoKra

    Jeej, today it is released! :D

  • Kaypar

    Yeah, I totally got flashbacks to Rush, too! Looking forward to this one.

  • News

    tossing tossers toss

  • Bob

    I was a bit worried about how this would turn out, but it plays wonderfully! They did an absolutely fantastic job on this!
    It’ll probably get better when I plug in my 360 controller as well.

  • Sean A

    Yeah the keyboard controls are bad but with the controller this is the most fun ive had in awhile

  • Truly Wizard

    This means that Renaud B is just a hatesheep.

    (not even sure if that’s a word. I just took ‘hate’ and ‘sheep’ and figured Renaud B is the type who would hate anything if it makes him edgy or different and VOILA! HATESHEEP!)

  • Truly Wizard

    I love this game so much I might marry it.

  • Solar Lune

    This is just awesome-looking – the game, the quality. Superb, really.

    Have you ever thought that maybe DigiPen isn’t really a school? Maybe it’s a… Digital Pen where they imprison young starving game devs and force them to make awesome games. They’re starting to get good at it. LOL

    AND IT’S RELEASED?! Heading off to download now…