Recent Good Knytt Stories #4

By: Derek Yu

On: November 17th, 2011

[This is a guest post by ortoslon.]

Ahead lie four platformers that can be beaten in under ten minutes each (by me, that is). As usual, you’ll need the latest version of Knytt Stories to play these levels.

1. Oxi by Harumbai is a hard level that packs great graphical variety and detail into ten screens and forces the player to backtrack just enough to appreciate them fully. Playthrough.

2. The Extinct Bird by Christian S., the easiest level on this list, maintains the feeling of hot pursuit with well-timed cues. Playthrough.

3. Super Juniland by Jerom is unforgiving. The soothing music loop might start to get on your nerves a hundred deaths in. Playthrough.

4. The Greying Tower by Talps builds puzzles around switches and predictable enemies. Playthrough.

  • Anonymous

    “By me, that is” – nice.

  • Be-Rad Entertainment

    Haven’t played knytt stories in forever. Such a great game.

  • Talps

    Also my first level with varying difficulty settings (hard and super-hard: hooray!). Thanks, Ort.

  • Mitch Weaver

    I like this feature.  I hope it continues… I always thought this was such a great game.

  • News

    insubstantial platformer aggrandizement

  • Lujami

    I definitely would not categorize Knytt stories as “insubstantial” … Some games give you more in 20 minutes than others in 30 hours.