Indie Game Music Bundle

By: Derek Yu

On: November 28th, 2011

There are less than 24 hours to purchase the Indie Game Music Bundle, which features 21 albums! The albums are: Minecraft: Volume Alpha, Cobalt EP, Super Meat Boy, Imposter Nostalgia, Ravenmark: Scourge of Estellion, A.R.E.S. Extinction Agenda, Return All Robots, Mighty Milky Way / Might Flip Champs, PPPPPP, Tree of Knowledge, Wind-up Knight, Binding of Isaac, 72 Minutes of Fame, Milk Snake, Antigravity!, Extreme Roadtrip, Contingency, Circle, Cardboard Box Assembler, and Bitejacker. Most recently, they’ve also added Songs for the Cure ’11, a nice compilation that was originally sold to promote cancer research.

Although you can pay as little as $1 for 10 albums, the full bundle is priced as $10 or more, and includes FLACs. All the songs are guaranteed to be high-quality, DRM-free mp3s.

  • Clockbike

    This is the first and last post I’ll be making at TIGSource, the Indie Game Music Bundle Icon looks deceptively like a womans thong.

  • Matteo Soleri

    It’s impossible to sell music this way, you need to reach the costumer with the music itself first.

  • Chris Geehan

    It’s quite possible! We’re receiving great support, thanks to those who have supported!

  • Game Music Bundle!!

    We also all have bandcamps, and you can listen to the music right away. This is music discovery meets bundle-ification.

  • Anonymous

    Impossibly awesome my dear sceptic!

  • Kinten

    If you would have bothered to check out the homepage you would have noticed that it’s quite possible to listen to the tracks before buying. Why is internet full of comments and questions that can be resolved with minimum effort research? 
    Come on people!

  • Anonymous

    If you want dispense nuggets of brilliant marketing wisdom and use big words like “customer,” maybe you should make sure you have your facts straight and also make sure you know how to spell “customer”
    Just saying

  • Matteo Soleri

    I liked your comment, felt you needed some help since you look at the finger pointing at the moon.

  • Matteo Soleri

    You’ve got no video to sum up what your offer is, nor a quick way to get the tunes out of the home. If I’m supposed to dig on band for tunes I like in those albums, I would as well content myself with bringing them up on youtube for free.

    Compare to this scenario: I check the humble bundle, see Blocks that Matter that I kknow nothing about, so click on its video example beside. Bam, sold the game AND the ost.

  • Kinten

    Wow. Just wow. What is your problem? You get a bunch of music for a good price. If you don’t like it, why bother ranting about it? 
    Also, have you been to the site yet? CLICK THE ALBUM COVERS and you’ll go straight to their respective bandcamp sites where you can sample the music. 
    OST are generally sold to those who allready know about the music through the corresponding game but want to support the musicians who often don’t get revenue from the actual game.

    I just can’t wrap my ahead around why you are complaining. Seriously, is it just me?
    This bundle is a perfect example of good digital distribution – pay what you want and the money goes straight to the authors. Don’t like it? DON’T BUY IT.
    Can’t be more simple than that.

  • Chris Geehan

    yes yes quite right!

  • Anonymous

    Your finger is not pointing to the moon; it’s pointing to a passing aircraft’s lights. You are also claiming that the moon is made of cheese, a fact easily refutable with a few seconds’ worth of research.

    Thanks for the Like, sucker.

  • News

    paying for music: Amish level quaintness

  • Magnus Pålsson

    I’d like to thank tigsource for their support and covering this. It has been a great experience for everyone one of us, and the feedback has been overwhelmingly loving and supportive. Much love from us in the bundle! <3

  • Jimmy Hinson

    So you really think that there’s a practical way to sum up 21 albums worth of music in a single video?  I personally DID make a small teaser video for Impostor Nostalgia, and it’s a couple minutes long, and doesn’t even get through half the songs on the album.  

    If you’re really too busy to be bothered with streaming any of the music on bandcamp, why is it any different to go to youtube “for free?”  Worth noting, it is ALREADY free to listen to the entire songs/albums on bandcamp (and require no searching), so really I just have no idea why you are so intent on finding a flaw with our bundle.  And seeing as there are 20,000+ people who apparently thought this was a great way for us to sell music, I’m afraid I’m going to have to disagree with you cordially and move on.  

    I hope you do take some time to listen to the music eventually, b/c there’s some really great stuff in there and we’d love for you to hear it, and hope you enjoy it when you do.  Cheers.

  • Jimmy Hinson

    Kinten, I would like to have your man-babies. <3

  • Jimmy Hinson

    Ditto, thanks TIGfolks! You guys rock!

  • Anonymous

    True that! Except for the two dicks in this comment section!

  • Mogwash

    peoples typing on interwebs spell bad

  • fydo

    Nothing can ruin a comment section faster than two dicks.

  • fydo

    I know this comment is totally late, but I’ve been listening to the indie game music bundle and it was absolutely awesome and very much worth buying. HUGE thanks to everyone involved!

  • SandraHorton

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