By: Derek Yu

On: December 31st, 2011

Windosill, by Patrick Smith

The iPad version of Windosill was released earlier this month and adds a sketchbook gallery, level select, and “translucent mode” that lets you see how each level is put together (although you can’t tell from a screenshot, many of the objects in the game are 3d polygons). The original game, which can be played in your browser or as a download from Steam, came out in ’09.

The brainchild of Patrick Walker, Windosill takes you through 11 simple puzzle rooms. The game is criminally short, but nonetheless quite enjoyable. The toy truck that leads the way is perhaps a hint about how to best play it – by not only solving the puzzles but also goofing around with the fanciful, abstract dioramas that make up each room.

The browser version is free up until the halfway point. It’s currently on sale for about $1 on Steam.

TIGdb: Entry for Windosill

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    Oh, it’s Vector Park! Some pretty old surreal Flash games right there.

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    this game is incredible. absolutely amazing.

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  • Stephen Lavelle

    I really loved this.  Probably the nicest-feeling iPad game I’ve come across.  Watching people play can be a mixed affair – either lovely if they get the hang of it, or horrible if they get stuck on the first screen (or one of the later ones) and can’t figure out what to do :P

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