A Few Good iGames

By: Derek Yu

On: January 19th, 2012

Super Crate Box, Fingle, Puzzlejuice

I’m not too in touch with the mobile market (see what I unintentionally did there?), but here are a handful of recent iOS releases that caught my eye:

Super Crate Box iOS – Vlambeer’s popular action game has made its way to iDevices. I’m pretty impressed with how they handled the controls, especially after the 1.1 update. It treats the buttons almost like they’re sliders, and once you get used to it, 90% of the deaths feel like your fault. The screen even scrolls to let you see crates that might be hiding under your fingers.

Fingle – An IGF Best Mobile Game finalist, Fingle plays kind of like Twister for your phalanges. A neat idea that should make for some steamy family gatherings!

Puzzlejuice – Asher Vollmer’s new puzzle game combines Tetris with match-3 and Boggle, and apparently those pieces fit together quite well (I swear I’m not doing this on purpose). Creating rows will turn the squares into letters, which can then be connected into words to make the blocks disappear. Multipliers are granted for spelling, but can also be extended by matching colors and making more letters.

A cool concept in and of itself, but the execution is what drives it home. A slick magnifying window pops up as you’re spelling words and overall, the interface feels very polished. Art direction by Greg Wohlwend (Solipskier) is as good as expected. (EDIT: You should also check out the soundtrack, by Jimmy Hinson. Had my audio turned down, so I didn’t realize how nice it is.)

Finally, I wanted to give a mention to Dragon Fantasy, a labor of love from two highschool friends who toyed with the project for 16 years (!) before releasing it last year. The JRPG is right at the level of the original Dragon Warrior, but I like the humorous dialogue and descriptions a lot more – it’s charming. Congrats on the release, guys!

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  • Derek Sneed

    Well look what you made me do… You made me buy Super Crate Box and Puzzlejuice. I hope you’re happy.

  • Whatev

    How about something like this, except for Android, now?

  • MDK Matsu

    Haha, the guy’s hand in the middle picture, is actually the hand of the designer of the game in the left picture. Not kidding. The girl is his girlfriend. 

  • Damion Murray

    No mention of Kingdom Rush? You’re missing out man.