Natural Selection 2 (Build 194) – Gorilla

By: Alehkhs

On: February 2nd, 2012

The long-in-development indie FPS/RTS title Natural Selection 2 has reached an important milestone: The gorilla-like evolution for the alien team, the Onos, and the marines’ jetpack accessory (both of which were important facets of the original Half-Life mod that NS2 is the sequel to) are now in the game. These additions, along with a brand new map, “Mineshaft,” are just some of the over 100 new features, balances, and tweaks for this build, which is now available to all pre-order customers.

Check out the fantastic new trailer that shows just how far this project has come:

  • UWE.Murphy

    Thanks for posting about our game :D

  • Gnome

    Rather jaw-dropping if I may say so…

  • Timothy Hsu

    Their engine is looking more and more amazing. Unfortunately I’ve had some serious problems getting it to run stably on my machine. Otherwise I’d be all over the beta all the timeeeee

  • James Monkman

    I still think that the mouth-eye-view seems like a poor design decision for the monsters…  

  • Guest

    Finally, a release “date”!!!  And after I get a new computer :D

  • Consumer court

    Its great news about release date of gorilla-like evolution for the alien team, the Onos, and the
    marines’ jetpack . i m so excited as the trailor is so awesome.

  • Eljay

    New announced features like this would make me jump for joy, but the engine is so unstable and glitchy on my machine the game is unplayable 

  • Sdfgzdfg

    yeah it is a little odd but you get used to it. It’s how they had it in the original HL mod so I’m guessing that’s why they are keeping it.

  • Guest

    Played a couple of amazing rounds after watching this video, it is infinitely more playable now than it was a couple of months ago when I last played. Still having some performance issues, but very playable as a lot more of the core elements are in place.

    This will be great given a larger playerbase and a Tutorial for being commander.

    The main issue I have is knowing where I am and how to get to places when people say things over the mic…

  • Martin Borgman

    It’s a deliberate design decision because

    1: It give the game character and sets is apart from other games (NS signature attack). 

    2: More importantly, it is a balancing issue, it was tested on the original and the Skulks were way too powerful, because they could simply spam their heavy damage attack without any issues of obscuring view. Using this bitecam forces players to time their bites :)

  • Martin Borgman

     Yeah, it really requires a hefty CPU currently. But this is their main priority. Compared to the patches before this, well before build190 actually has seen a lot of performance increases already. If you’re currently on a less then ~3Ghz CPU, chances are it is going to run a bit choppy, but this also depends highly on the server.

    That needs to be a very beefy CPU, problem is not all servers are and during a new patch the server ops usually set the player count too high for what their particular server can handle :D

  • Anony

    Bought this day 1.  NS player here, NS is one of the greatest multiplayer game ever.

    It’s getting closer and closer, finally :D

  • Merlin Lefebvre

    Isn’t this a lot like, i dunno, TREMULOUS?

  • Anonymous

    Both games are similar to their common predecessor Gloom, the Quake 2 mod.

  • Yesman

    dude I checked your site, it seems like you’re a small team in need you should make a kickstarter for this game, it seems awesome!