Hawken Beta Signup

By: ithamore

On: February 7th, 2012

From the Hawken blog:

“Head on over to PlayHawken.com to sign up for the Hawken beta!

“That’s not all though, we have some big news about the game. We are confirming that Hawken will launch as a free-to-play PC game. Initial release is officially scheduled for 12/12/12.”

No new videos have been released recently, but the latest previews of this mech combat game were posted earlier here.

  • http://www.gnomeslair.com/ Gnome

    I’m intrigued, I am.

  • http://twitter.com/xhunterko Robert C. Jr.

    I don’t know if the free-to-play part is good or bad. As exciting as this is, I’m wondering how they’re going to make money with that model.

  • http://twitter.com/brycepelletier Bryce Pelletier

    Same way they all do. It’s all about the in game purchases! If you don’t BUY you DIE! So far I haven’t played one free-to-play that I like, but thats because I don’t want to spend real money on a damn fake gun; however many of my online gamer friends DO. So my guess is that free-to-play is here for a long while.

  • Pockpock

    I hate that kind of games too… I think good game design and such a business model are contrary to each other. “Making the player loose a paid power up, item or whatever may seem like a bad design decision here, but on the other hand he might buy it again.”

    I’d rather pay for a whole game than paying for bits of fun where you even have to pay more if you make bad decisions, this kind of ruins the whole experience.

  • ithamore

    This is part of a clarification that Adhesive Games provided in their forums:

    “While I can’t say exactly what will be purchaseable because we are still
    working on it, our intention is allow players to purchase greater
    customization for their mechs and weapons (visually and sometimes
    functionally,) not to have people buy better or overpowered weapons and
    armor. Also you will be able to earn points for many upgrades &
    customization options by playing the game instead of spending money.”

    I’m hoping they can do something good with the F2P model even if the details are a bit fuzzy for now.

  • Timmeh42

    Team Fortress 2 does free-to-play the right way: everyone gets access to all the items, but players can pay for more inventory space (not necessary if you don’t have hats), getting items before others (also not necessary), or extra accessory items such as hats.

    I don’t understand why any company would make you lose paid-for items though…

  • https://picasaweb.google.com/103959285857593424249/Gallery Konstantin Vernikovskiy

    Fun fact: In the Cyrillic it is using as a font for the game, the game would sound like ‘Nashkei’ (Except that the last letter is supposed to be a backwards N for Cyrillic, and it isn’t. Nashken, then?)

  • oyog

    I’ve been looking forward to playing this for so long.  I’m a little worried about it going free-to-play.  I would have happily purchased it to own.

    I’m generally more interested in MechWarrior: Living Legend anyway. They just announced 0.5.5 public open beta so I’ll probably be trying both.

  • Guest

     Random drop or the circulating character/weapon system that the dota/lol/whatever community does is the perfect balance. ATB has a good idea letting you rent guns using in-game credits, but ends up in a big pay to win mess because the rentals run out in real time and some of the real money payments still only rent them for a limited amount of time unless you pay PREMIUM money.

  • guest

    is the registration site down?

  • Patter

    Yeah I Guess its been broken cuase of a overwhelming number of ppl on the site… It will be up again soon I hope

  • Pockpock

     I didn’t express myself well. Consider this: You play a free to play online RPG. Before you could beat a certain boss you’ll need to repair your armor or buy new armor using real money. They could make an easy repair system where you just have to visit a black smith and pay him a little ingame money. Alternatively they could make it time-consuming such as making the only blacksmith in the game be a lonley guy who lives on the highest montain sorrounded by monsters which would instantly kill you. Because he lives at such a dangerous place he also has no materials to work with so you’d need to get some by killing monsters far accros the map as a very rare drop which occurs every 2 h in average. By game design you wouldn’t want to annoy your players, as they might quit playing your game. By busness model however you would choose the annoying way, as the players might pay for the items more likely to avoid it.

    Also I don’t actually know a game where you’d loose items you paid for, but such a buisness model might just lead to something like that and thats what I don’t like about it.

  • BananaPie

    I’d gladly sign up, if this game wasn’t a complete ripoff of cave story

  • Anonymous

     …. What?

  • BananaPie

    This game is a minecraft ripoff!

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    wheels of capitalism

  • News

    wheels of capitalism

  • Mr Manoffest

    12.12.12 is my birthday

    I sure hope this doesn’t suck