GDC Trailer: Depth

By: Derek Yu

On: March 15th, 2012

Here’s a new trailer for Depth, a stealth-based multiplayer game that pits a team of divers against a team of man-eating sharks. Sharks are much more powerful but have limited vision – to catch their prey they have to rely on disturbances in the water and heartbeats. The goal of the divers is to sneak treasure out from the sea floor without being killed.

No release date has been announced.

  • CloudBomb

    This looks great. Can’t wait to see more.

  • Parabox Games

    I have to say, that looks *very* tense. And unique!

  • Varun Ramesh

    Wow, presentation looks top-notch, and the gameplay looks great!

  • Chris Johnson

    What a great idea. I’m impressed. :)

  • Dialock

    Looking Good! Can’t wait for the mod that adds lasers to the sharks.

  • News

    one trick pony

  • Owen

    sounds are different underwater

  • Sharks are Scary

    This game is what nightmares are made of. I have a hard time playing any game under water with sharks in it. And I love sharks. And this game looks cool.  But it makes my spine shiver.

  • Luke Cassar

    I just hope the game survives, indie MP only games tend to have the odds stacked against them

  • mtarini

    Terrific! Interesting concept, execution seems very promising. 
    Great art! Innovative!This could be a very powerful game!That said……I hope that the authors of this game will not neglect to say something (in a pre-screen, in a post-screen, wherever, but including their next videos) which warns watchers/players that sharks in the real world should not be seen as monsters, but on the contrary they are endangered, precious creatures, whose now-precarious survival is threatened by savage hunts, fishing, ecosystem degradation and ultimately by ignorance and prejudice; also that the oceans really needs them, and that once gone they won’t come back, blah blah blah. Because currently part of the problem is the way these animals are perceived, i.e. exactly the same stereotype that it is so effectively, skillfully portrayed in this game.
    Here, have video or two from TED-talks to better see what I mean: (this one first!) DISCLAIMER: don’t get me wrong, games are art, and if, to express that art, you need to make a game where the objective is killing baby seals and making whales go extinct, while dropping the maximal number of toxic wastes in rivers, or selling weapons to dictators in order to rise the money needed for an aids spreading campaign, needed in turn to fund a hunger rising campaign in the 3rd world, that’s totally ok by me. I’m just proposing a warning screen, not a censorship.

  • GGringo

    isn’t this trailer like a million years old?

  • Derek Yu

    12 days… so you were close! ;)

  • Gerap

    And apparently sharks see through their mouths now.. Kidding, kidding – this looks very smooth and tense and well put together – good atmosphere. Wouldn’t a night-dive be cool to do too?

  • Dialock

     Why do I feel the need to kill a whale after reading this?

  • redcap

    I think it looks promising, but the man was jabbing the shark with a knife over and over again and it didn’t seem to be doing much. I don’t know about you, but I think 1-2 good placed knife jabs in a sharks face would make it leave you alone. Also one solid hit with a harpoon would make a shark stop and or die. 

    Maybe changing the rolls a bit would be more proper. Sharks have awesome senses and sight. Make sharks faster then the human, better sight, but a harpoon gun has range and should stop a shark pretty fast. 

  • ADude

     It’s a video game, not a shark simulation

  • Murray Lorden

    That looks really exciting!  Well done for pulling off (hopefully) something new!