Preview: Stasis

By: Derek Yu

On: April 4th, 2012

Stasis, by Christopher Bischoff

Stasis is an up-and-coming horror adventure game by 3d artist Chris Bischoff. The story revolves around John Maracheck, who’s woken up in an abandoned research facility, wondering where his family has gone. A classic point-and-click adventure game at its core, Stasis is notable for its use of beautiful isometric graphics to immerse players in the haunting atmosphere of the facility.

Hit the jump phubans for two cinematic teasers as well as one gameplay trailer. You can also follow Stasis’s progress on the TIGForums devlog, where Chris shares many aspects of the game’s creation. There is currently no release date set.

The following trailers are from last year:

(Note: Chris has stated that he’s gotten an editor to flush out the spelling and grammatical errors that appear in these videos.)

  • The Rust Belt

    Looks great, cannot wait.

  • Anonymous

    looks truly great, so great that’s too bad it’s not an rpg :(((

  • John Ingalls

    Beautiful. Love the point and click aspect; allows you to soak up those gorgeous visuals, and spooky sounds!

  • orange08-jock

    There is another game that is WIP and using that name:
    It’s a platform shooter… so eh… wonder how this’ll work out…

  • Guest

    Can’t seem to find any info on pricing anywhere?

  • belugabeacon

    Puts me in mind of a  bleak, sci-fi version of Sanitarium.

  • Paul Hubans

    Looks great, but I can’t believed you used that journo term “the jump” :-/

  • cipcap

    Day 1

  • Journo

    jump jump jump jump jump! HAH

  • Jamagic

    minecraft ripoff amirite?

  • Guest

    No. Shut the fuck up.

  • GGringo

    Terraria ripoff more like!

  • Jay Sherby

    Ugh. Welcome to your worst nightmare: every scifi horror cliché you’ve ever known.  The graphics are beautiful, though.