Legend of Grimrock

By: Derek Yu

On: April 11th, 2012

Legend of Grimrock, by Almost Human

Legend of Grimrock, the first-person dungeon crawl by Finnish studio Almost Human, was released today. You can get the game from GOG, Steam, and the developer’s own website.

TIGdb: Entry for Legend of Grimrock

  • http://twitter.com/Pawbyte PawByte

    First comment! Well done!

  • Jotaf

    This is my time to shine… FIRST!

  • http://twitter.com/pandafresh Christian J. Ruiz

    dang, i dont meet minimum specs. oh well, i remember hearing there may be an iOS version, so I guess I’ll wait for that?

  • ADude

    this game is amazing

  • Guest

    You suck.

  • Dialock

    All that’s missing is an oddly-shaped-oversized box with a cloth map.

  • Tig

    Loving this game. It’s fantastic.

    The real news here, however is that when buying the game from the Almost Human website, the transaction is handled by the Humble Bundle crew. This leads one to speculate the possible expansion of the Humble Bundle into a new kind of market for sales.
    This could be the beginning of an interesting series of events for team Humble.

  • http://twitter.com/gnomeslair Gnome

    Oh, YES! And it’s easily better than Eye of the Beholder already!

  • Patter

    Really enjoying it so far

  • anon

    You a looser!

  • Anonymous

    I played a few mins last night.  Graphics are nice, but I was wanting/expecting music during gameplay.  Was I just not hearing it through the crappy laptop speakers or is there indeed no music during gameplay?

  • Jotaf

    I used to think like you, but when you see that sweet empty comments section, you gonna tap dat.

  • chiefnewo

     Nope, no music during gameplay.

    And damn this game is hard!

  • http://kaisha.myopenid.com/ shareme69

    Gave it a try, got to the archives before I gave up.  Hard, but not challenging hard, just annoying hard.  Was quite disappointed, the combat is atrocious, spell casting awkward at best, and the grid movement cumbersome.

  • http://johnman.myopenid.com/ Johnman

    I’m just past the archives and I have to say I’m enjoying it a lot.

    I’ve tried to play old 3d-esque-whateveryoucallit rpgs (which I never got to play since I was too young I guess), and I think those have not aged well.

    Legend of Grimrock, however… I think they got it just right. They re-made the genre, and the ambience and storytelling give me feelings that I hadn’t felt in a game since the Marathon series.

    Damn it’s morning at work and I’m already itching to get home this evening and play the crap out of this game!

    EDIT: I did have to customize my characters and play at easiest difficulty, otherwise it’s a bit too much imho. On easy it plays like a challenging game on normal.

  • Briker Ed

    I loved it, though the combat irks me a bit. Unless you’re being attacked by 2 or more enemies, you can “cheat” your way almost through any encounter by moving and turning faster than the opponent. Although this made my progress through the game easier, it gets a bit annoying due to the repetition. Peek around the corner, have 1 enemy spot and chase me, backtrack to a safer area, dance around it till it dies, repeat. Could also see improvements in the spell casting department. Overall, glad to see a different RPg out. Definitely brought back some good memories.

  • Oglop

    The real time combat is what keeps me from buying this game. If it was turn based I would buy it in a heartbeat. But that would make it an entire diffrent game.

  • http://twitter.com/phubans Paul Hubans

    Not sure how I just found out about this game until now, or how I missed this post, but this looks fantastic. I don’t remember playing too many of these first person dungeon crawlers, but I’m craving this type of experience.

  • DK Productions

    your game looks very good, im an cinematic producer im in need of work and want to get my music out if you are intrested in geme or trailer music hit me up ([email protected])

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