Teaser – Star Command

By: Alehkhs

On: April 11th, 2012

The teaser trailer for Warballoon Games’ Star Command has landed, giving us a glimpse into the fantastic pixel art of their upcoming spaceship-management game.

Star Command allows players to take control of a starship in humanities distant future. Players build their ship, staff and manage their crew, explore the galaxy, battle other species, discover far off worlds and attempt to control the universe.

The game is scheduled to launch this summer on iOS and Android devices, but the developers have plans for a future, “Ultimate” PC version as well, which would include “all the campaigns, all the expansions, [and] possible multiplayer.” I can not wait!

  • Snowyowl

    Dunno, you have a PC don’t you?

  • BananaGuy

    I say we keep adding comments here, guys! At least until this game gets more comments than FEZ! This game’s way better than fez!!

  • SirNiko

    This would be a far more convincing plan if you didn’t immediately follow it up by posting in the Fez thread twice.

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