The Splatters

By: Derek Yu

On: April 12th, 2012

The Splatters, by Spiky Snail

I played a little bit of Spiky Snail’s The Splatters at GDC this year, and it seemed quite promising. The game progresses across a series of levels where the goal is to ignite bombs by splattering them with water-balloon-like blobs. Much of the player’s role lies in the initial launch of each blob, but you can also earn various “stunts” that will let you change their direction mid-air and increase your combo meter for more points.

The Splatters was released on XBLA yesterday for 800 points.

  • firsty!

    First Punch

  • Doutlef

    There is actually nothing wrong with the game. The gameplay is fluent, graphics are suburb and it’s well designed for an arcade title. The only problem: it doesn’t make any fun at all :(