Trailer: Intrusion 2

By: Derek Yu

On: April 20th, 2012

Impressive physics on display for Intrusion 2, a Flash-based run n’ gun that’s “coming soon” from vapgames.

  • Paul Hubans

    lol Derek.

  • Paul Hubans

    Next post on front page: “Here’s a game: [picture]”

  • Derek Yu

    “Wise men speak because they have something to say; Fools because they have to say something.” -Page 13, Castlevania II: Simon’s Quest instruction manual

  • Paul Hubans

  • Evan Balster

    P-p-procedural kinematics.  Hold on.  I need to change pants.

    Really damn impressed by the tech in this trailer.  The glossy rocks and such conflict a lot with the superior character visuals, so I don’t care as much for the look.  Hope gameplay is up to snuff.  Damn that’s some fancy footwork.

  • Tom Kenny

    Ridiculous tech.

  • Yougot404d

    I need to change my boxers shirt and eyeballs. They all melted.
    Excuse my lack of commas my comma key is broken.

  • Anonymous

    looks mighty awesome! i’ve always been timid of the “floaty jump” but I’m extremely impressed.

    And I’ll just put this here, I believe it should just be 2 *drops ,,* to make up for @882982052cb9d36d614265d0481ee906:disqus ‘s malfunctioning comma key ;)

  • Moczan

    First I was like “mhm, ok, wolf looks nice, physics looks nice”, but then,  the huge-ass bosses that shred whole level into pieces came out and I was like “omg, ridiculous tech” and now I’m +1 for pants changing

  • Andy

    Wow that looks impressive for a flash game! Most other suck comparing to this cause they’re causal, 8bit or smth else. Never heard metal in a flash game before(that’s really awesome), visuals are top notch! Agree to Paul, this game deserves a better description :)

  • Loyas

    You can try the Demo out, which you would know, if Derek actually wrote anything of any use about the game at all. And the Demo is quite long, and it’s VERY cool.

  • SirNiko

    There is also an Intrusion 1 that has been on several of the flash portals for a few years. It’s the same concept and mechanics, though it’s not quite as fancy as what you see in this trailer. There’s still a lot of physics on display, though.

  • Anonymoose

    Episode 3?

  • Jamagic

    Looks cool but should he really be riding giant wolves? I mean this isn’t medieval japan!

  • Joël Lamotte

    This is why we need to focus more on AI. To have awesome creatures to fight!

  • Lugh

    Metal Slug crossed with Half-Life, awesome! The movement of the wolf is kinda annoying, but still, the demo is great.

  • Foppy


  • Jamagic

    But what about the giant wolves then? Should they remove it? Y?N

  • George Dziov

    Wow cewl!

  • Dread Knight

    OMG BBQ!

  • Matt Porter

    This is the best looking flash game I’ve ever seen. Metal Slug creators would not only be proud to see this, they would be afraid. Seriously, amazing looking stuff. I hope to hell the unlockables / rewards for extremely hardcore players are good (alternative final boss fight if you don’t die, special level paths, etc).

  • Jamagic

    This game… minus the wolves… GOTY!!!


  • Gnome

    I’m impressed. Also, impressionable. 

  • kukouri

    I, as well.

  • kukouri

    Will be on the lookout for this.

  • Woody Fentress

    I am glad that this is still being worked on, I feel like I played the demo well over a year ago and loved it. xbox controller support + full screen mode = instant purchase. Hope it gets a steam or desura release.

  • vap

    It supports fullscreen and resolution change. And today I added XBox gamepad support.

  • Chris

    That looks suspiciously like Cortex Command.. e.g. the character movement / animations.