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By: Derek Yu

On: April 23rd, 2012

New Indie Games on Steam

A number of previously-released games have been added to Steam recently.

First off is Joakim “Konjak” Sandberg’s Noitu Love 2, a fast-paced platformer that was put out four years ago. Even if you already played it, you may want to relive the good times to support the development of Konjak’s latest project, The Iconoclasts.

Wizorb is a Breakout game with RPG elements that came out on XBLIG last year. Developed by Tribute Games with some help from Paul Robertson, Wizorb has great pixel art and adds a number of fun, new ideas to the classic genre.

Capybara Games has ported the popular iPad adventure game Superbrothers: Sword & Sworcery EP to PC. If a lack of iThing was preventing you from experiencing the sweet sights and sounds of Craig Adams and Jim Guthrie, now’s your chance!

Lone Survivor, the creepy survival horror title from Jasper Byrne, was released on Steam 20% off… the first sale since the game arrived last month.

Finally, David Williamson’s casual roguelike Hack, Slash, Loot is also available on Steam. With cutesy graphics and a simple mouse interface, this seems like a good release for those new to dungeon crawling. The OST was released today, as well.

  • Robert Yang


  • Derek Yu


  • John Sandoval

    give konjak

    all your moneys

  • Paul Hubans

    Goodness. I have two of these; I want the rest!

  • Victor Pneuman

    Kind of a lazy re-release of NL2…  no achievements, extra options, or modes.  I already have the game so without anything new (was hoping there would be more control options), there’s no need to buy it again.

    Really enjoyed Wizorb and loving Sword & Sorcery (even though it feels like it’s true home would be more suited for the iPad).  Also, can’t wait to pick up Lone Survivor now.  Wanted to buy it earlier but now that it’s on sale it’ll be well worth the cost of admission.

    So even though Noitu Love 2 falls a little short the rest of the list a great line-up of indie games on Steam.

  • Vincent


  • John Sandoval

     This message was NOT brought to you by The Club for Awesome People; rather, it was brought to you by a mere admirer of Mr. Konjak’s glistening Swedish abs and rock hard Nordic Pecs. Nothing more.

  • Gnome

    A lovely round-up indeed. 

  • Jay

    Lone Survivor is an updated release, just an fyi to those interested. Fixes up stuff and apparently adds a red ending.

  • Jamagic

    My favorite steam game is the guy with the giant grin! 

  • Stitch

    Yeah, I agree about Sword & Sworcery.  It really would feel right at home on the iPad… they really should get on that.

    I feel the same way about Angry Birds for Windows, too.  Why not port it so I can play it on the go?  It would lend itself well to a touchscreen, I think.

  • Patroika

    A Valley Without Wind is now on Steam too!  Yeaaaah Baby!

  • Rolscanardly

     Are you dumb?  He said it “feels like it’s true home would be suited for the iPad”.  In other words, even though it’s on the iPad and now the PC it feels like a better match for the iPad but he wasn’t complaining about it as it was just an observation.

  • Ponyprice

    its a fucking joke you are really the dumb one here 

  • Dusty Thoreau

    wow this was a pointless update

  • HighwireAct

    Konjak explained that the reason he couldn’t add achievements to the game was because of Steamworks’ lack of compatibility with Multimedia Fusion 2, the software Noitu Love was created in.

  • News

    pixel art intravaganza

  • MicroSourcing

    Adding previously released games on Steam is strategic because it allows the gaming outfit to leverage the existing fan base of these titles. It also allows Steam to feature recognizable game titles in their line-up.

  • Richard Viet Nguyen

    5 Bucks? And support the creator of Iconoclast? Why don’t they already have my credit card number?

  • Sgdagaasdgasdg

    wow that was a pointless comment. Please an hero yourself.

  • Quazi

    Konjak opened MMF and was like “ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh… no”

  • Young Web Developers

    Respect to steam!

  • kukouri

    Getting the word out that these great games are on Steam for those who might not know is pointless how exactly? I think you missed the point of this site.

  • kukouri

    Been really enjoying it.