Because We May

By: Alehkhs

On: May 23rd, 2012


For the last week of May, 2D Boy’s Ron Carmel is orchestrating roughly 180 developers in an enormous sale event titled “Because We May.” The event’s website acts as a portal, allowing you to view all the offered games and link to their purchase pages. The sale features 383 games (some of which are duplicates on different platforms), including 60 games on Steam, 56 on GooglePlay, 139 for iOS, and many more for purchase from other sources or even directly from the developers. It really is quite impressive how large this sale is, so head on over to Because We May and see if there’s anything on sale that you’d like to grab.

  • Moczan

    Oh, my poor wallet, hard times are coming for you

  • Robbert Prins

    So this is a celebration of the fact that people can sell games and decide what the price is?  Hurrah! :D

  • Gnome

    Exciting news indeed! Have been waiting for this for quite some time :)

  • Anonymous

    Excellent, but so far Steam prices are the same as they were before, I hope the sale is not for US exclusively. I’ll check it out later and grab few games.

  • Christian Knudsen

    Cortex Command is listed as $0.09, but when you click the button, you get taken to the Data Realms site where it’s still $18

  • Charles Elwonger

    No, I don’t see any change in the Steam prices here in the US. I’ll have to look into it more later today (maybe they just haven’t updated the prices yet).

  • Guest

     That is a typo. It is supposed to be 9 dollars (50% off) which it is on the website.

  • Guest

     It’s currently rolling out and some of them have now taken effect. If the game you want hasn’t been updated yet then just wait a while and try again later. =]

  • Christian Knudsen

    Ah, okay. I see it’s priced at $9 now. I guess the page hadn’t been updated when I checked (or it was showing a cached page or something).

  • Theon

    That Steam still seems to think that $=€ is fucking retarded, though.
    Was planning on buying The Wonderful End of The World, but if the devs really decide the prices…they don’t even deserve money, making regional distinctions like that.


  • Caspian Prince

    In the EU we are charged VAT on top. The prices are almost identical give or take a few % and rounded to more digestible whole numbers.

  • anonymoose

    I like how Super Office Stress took this opportunity to charge $96.99 more for the game!

  • Ryan Szrama

    Not to mention pretty soon $ will = €. ; )

  • Anonymous

    So, um…which of these are good? There’s 383 black circles with names in them, and some provisional clicking indicates that a lot of them are unsatisfactory. There’s a bunch of match 3s, a shmup that is actually called “SHMUP”… Just about everything I recognize I already have.

    Pretty poor site design here.

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