Overgrowth Alpha Now on Linux

By: Derek Yu

On: May 29th, 2012

Now if you pre-order Overgrowth you can receive alpha builds that are playable on Linux. Follow the development of the game here, on Wolfire’s frequently-updated blog.

  • Guest

    Too expensive.

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  • Zachary DCCLXXVII

    Redwall meets I don’t even know what the fuck.

  • http://kazeskyfox.deviantart.com/ Kaze

    inb4 furry rage. :V

  • http://twitter.com/puppygames Caspian Prince

    Aww, you can’t play, then.

  • http://twitter.com/stevehartke Steve Hartke

    This entire concept strikes me as just idiotic.  The graphics look very nice but they have been pimping this game for years now and it just seems completely dumb.  Certainly not something I would ever play.  If it succeeds, it will be of extreme interest to me because it will have succeeded entirely due to marketing.

  • http://twitter.com/puppygames Caspian Prince

    All games succeed entirely due to marketing. Think about that for a while before you grok it..!

  • Nguyenthiha81259

    looking awnsome

  • Adam

    I bought this but I don’t like it. I can play all games smoothly, but this game does some weird snapping and frame skips all the time. 
    It’s like things aren’t loaded into memory until you see them, so every time you see something new, like an enemy or whatever, it freezes for half a second to load them. It’s very annoying because it’s constantly freeing memory and putting things back into memory so it’s always snapping. 
    I have 6gb of ram btw.

  • Matt

    Not Minecraft

  • Friedrich

    You obviously didn’t watch the video or played the latest alpha.

  • http://twitter.com/schwiggy Zachary Helm

    Especially Minecraft. But you can include any incentives for players to share the game as “marketing.”

  • Guest

     I prefer “fun”.

  • Narf

    And even games that are actually only engines! Like, y’know, Underwhelming…err Over..thingy. Never mind.

  • News

    shilling shills shill

  • Adam

    Hmm, hey! Well, I think I have the latest alpha, or at least one of the latest. But this game doesn’t work great on my computer. I have a PC i7 920, ati 5770, 6gb ram, etc.
    Have you played the game? Does it run well? What are your specs? I mean, give us some stats before opening your mouth! Well I think the game itself has potential… although it seems like it’s going to take forever to get to a point you can call it a game! And graphics look great on the video, but on my computer they look different, or maybe it’s just me. When you see everything up close it doesn’t look so good anymore. Those are just my thoughts! I obviously did watch the video, since I watch most of the update videos on wolfiregames channel. Not sure about the latest alpha, but if it’s not the very latest one, I bet it still has the same problem, have had this issue for many updates. 

  • Jonathan Sanford

    Reads Overgrowth yet there isn’t a blade of grass to be had.  Should have called it  Watership Down 2012: First Blood

  • Joseph King

    When are they going to actually make a game?

  • greyyo

    i think he meant more of the video just said they fixed those problems. granted if you still have these problems you have a legitimate claim. btw the video just said that they used to load files for enemies as they were seen, but the have just changed it so that its loaded in the beginning of the level, thus getting rid of said lag, hopefully. 

    dont be too quick to assume.

  • Mfraley6

     Like that thought didn’t go through anybody else’s head… Then you play the game and understand why it’s so fucking awesome.

  • Mfraley6

    Does the word ‘Alpha’ mean anything to you?

  • Lycos

    Wow, thought more people were on this. I love this game, I play it daily. It’s just fun after work to come home and beat the shit out of bunnies.

  • News

    Lycos the Lynxsuited

  • MrBanana

    God do you even think before making a comment? JACKASS, get a life…

  • João Pontes

    From the developer:  “The fundamental design goal for Overgrowth is to create combat encounters that look like choreographed martial arts scenes in films, but are actually closely controlled by the player.”

    ^This. This is why the game is great. Of course, the beautiful animations help too. It’s nice to see once in a while a game that doesn’t follow the tropes of the genre and just looks at other media and tries something new with the avaiable technology. Games are so advanced today yet most games are still trapped by the tropes of a genre instead of just playing like real time movies.

    So, basically you can run around canyons and do huge matrix jump fights on top :) with context sensitive combat moves (eg: the rabbit tries to high-kick you and you duck and throw him off a cliff!)


  • http://muniverse-game.tumblr.com/ namuol

    Have you played Lugaru? The gameplay is pretty friggin’ unique, and polished.

  • http://muniverse-game.tumblr.com/ namuol

    There are some performance issues with the *just-released* Linux *alpha* that you’re probably experiencing. These sort of performance problems might be specific to your hardware, or just haven’t been ironed out in the version you’re playing yet. It happens. This is alpha software.

  • http://muniverse-game.tumblr.com/ namuol

    Really? http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=pqt3KFkdpqc