A Grain of Truth

By: ithamore

On: June 12th, 2012

A Grain of Truth, by the Rudowski brothers

A Grain of Truth is the latest addition to the Big Old Tree that Dreams games about the story collector Myosotis. With it, the Rudowski brothers have created a condensed point-and-click adventure that’s wonderfully illustrated and scored and has a healthy dose of puzzles. Its map system, which enables warping to previous locations, is also a nice touch. I enjoyed its challenge until the end and look forward to playing through the next dream from the Big Old Tree.

For those interested, the previous games in the mythos are Bell’s Heart and the demo of The Trader of Stories.

  • Greatbeyond

    Looks very interesting, I agree that the illustrations are great. I didn’t know about these games, time to check them out. Typo alert :) : “Its”, not “It’s” in 3rd and 4th lines.

  • Guest

    Ahh, glad to see these old favorites covered here.

  • http://twitter.com/Chaoseed John Evans

    I played for half an hour and I didn’t see anything about the map letting you warp to previous locations. You’re mistaken.

  • Guest

    You click on the map icon and then you click on one of the dots.

  • Guest

     yeah, because you missed it, he’s mistaken.

  • Sophie Maroon

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  • Sophie Maroon

    “Guest”,you are correct! I like to Reply on comments sometimes!

  • Sophie Maroon