StarForge (Alpha v0.100)

By: Derek Yu

On: June 13th, 2012

StarForge is an ambitious 3d action game that’s currently in development. According to the game’s wiki, it’s inspired by “Halo, Warcraft 3, Borderlands, Terraria, and Minecraft”, and features a number of modes that let players build bases and wage war across randomly-generated alien worlds. Player movement is entirely physics-based and body parts react (somewhat) realistically to every impact.

The first public alpha was released earlier this month and is free-to-play, although you can purchase “Hatch Points” to spend on player models and other assets to use within the game. The developers have warned that this alpha is unoptimized, may have performance issues, and does not include every feature shown in the trailer.

Punch the possum for a fan-made video which explores the alpha in more depth:

  • owen

    god dang.

  • samuel cohen

    Wow, that was awesome.

  • Jackson

    That video was awesome, shows a lot of potential for the game, unfortunately actually playing the latest build doesn’t send the same message, I think the developers would be better off not releasing playable builds until they are a bit more polished, since you don’t want to scare away potential players with a glitches or performance issues who could have been loyal players if they had first tried the title at a more finished state

  • João Pontes

    Player movement is entirely physics-based and body parts react (somewhat) realistically to every impact. ”

    Hmmm, like Trespasser? Very cool!

    Considering all the other indie games with great 3D graphics and poor performance, I wonder if this one will be optimized enough upon release?

  • Nicolas Cannasse

    We are working on a something quite different but still a bit similar on, nice to see the genre growing

  • JoseD

    Unity is better than UDK

  • Gavalakis Vaggelis

    Unity is good indeed, but can’t really hold on the graphics and physics that the developer needs here, regarding the FPS unfortunately.

  • João Pontes

    Well, anything is better than UDK performance-wise ;)

  • Anonymous

    I think that has more to do with the developer than the choice of engine, as this project already seems to push everything it needs to do, it just needs a proper art-direction and assets.

  • JoseD

    I’ve heard UDK actually can give you the high tech  graphics at better performance than Unity. If you simulate all UDK’s fancy graphic features in Unity you’d end up with less performance.  At least that’s what I’ve heard.
    But Unity has a great workflow that lets you do this sort of things, with the addition of the asset store. For example I think this specific games uses a voxel engine tool available at the asset store that lets them do the minecraft thing.

  • 0rel

    Reminds me of Cube 2 Engine, where you can edit everything too right inside the game…