By: Derek Yu

On: June 28th, 2012

Receiver is a new game from Wolfire Games, created as part of the 7-day FPS Challenge. Set in a randomly-generated building complex, the most exciting concept in Receiver (at least for me) is the realistic weapon handling, which lets you, for example, remove your pistol’s magazine to count your ammo. The movement and physics are also quite impressive but that’s not a big surprise, considering that this is the team currently working on Overgrowth.

You can play Receiver for free by pre-ordering Overgrowth or you can purchase it separately for $5 from the game’s website.

  • DSix

    Looks sharp, though I’m a bit surprised they sell the game has is right away. Skipping the polishing for release quality.

  • JCR

    An equally exciting feature is Receiver’s premise, which you uncover by collecting the cassette tapes in game, certainly has a gritty cyberpunk feel and leaves alot to the imagination.

  • cmonstepitup

    TIGSource, late as usual.

  • Abc123

    It’s bullshit that they would sell a 7dfps prototype. What a bunch of scumbags

  • News

    profiteers gonna profit

  • David Paci

    I was saying the same thing.

  • poepie

    but you get it for free by ordering their other alpha…… whawhatw 29.95 for an alpha ??

  • poepeie

    you can get some real gams for that money

  • Anonymous

    I don’t feel that any game company should feel obliged to release anything for free. Also, are you aware that this is the same mob that started the HIB?

  • t1gerdog

    You’re acting like a scumbag, you obviously have no clue about them, their games, or the work that went into this one which they streamed live the whole time. Fuck you and your uninformed opinion.

  • Jabberwok

    Who cares? No one’s forcing you to buy it. If they can make a game some people want to buy in seven days, what’s the big deal?

  • Stephen Lindberg

    Fun, but hard as heck. Needs a little more balance. I like the deus-ex atmosphere it has to it. I’m not really interested in overgrowth, but this was worth checking out. The gun mechanics are fun, but frustrating when you have to reload quickly to take down a flying saucer – still, the attention to detail there is impressive, regardless of whether it adds or detracts from the overall gameplay.

    The levels really intrigue me. They are somewhere between abstract and representational. I was inside an apartment where no apartment should realistically be! It doesn’t break the mood, though. The music is really spot on as well. It seems to get quieter when enemies are around (I think…?) which is a nice consideration because their sounds are key to your survival. I have only managed to get about 2 tapes in one play.

    Oh, wait, this is TIGS – erm $5? Outrageous.

  • Pick-A-Name

    Will they ever finish the development of Overgrowth?

  • Davie

    I bought the Alpha 5 times, thumb me up!!

  • Davie

    Fuck you too dirty scum ball. Go take a shower so you can find a girl and enjoy life.

  • Maxim

    C’mon, at least polish it before trying to make money off it! Even Terrawars NY Invasion had a hand attached to the player’s weapon…

  • Renaud B

    Man I love your game but you should really start working on the next one cause you’ve been saying lots of dumb shit lately

  • Maxim

    Yeah, you’re right. On some level I was aware stuff is getting to my head, and I shoulda paid more attention. Sorry everyone. Already working on the next game though, so…

  • motusada

    see, I liked the idea of this but after listening to so many of his game design videos, I feel like he went with everything he stands against, the game is just incredible difficult to get a hang of, the contrast between this and lugaru/overgrowth’s single button contextual combat is jarring.. I already pre-ordered overgrowth so I wouldn’t think about spending $5 on this. You would get much more value from pre-ordering Overgrowth than spending $5 on this tech demo of a game.

  • News

    hypocritical Obongocare supporter

  • News

    asspained Wolfire furfag

  • Brett Chalupa

    Wolfire was pretty clear about stating why they didn’t have a hand in the game, and it makes sense.

    Since so much of the game relies on the visual aspect of what you see on the gun, they felt the hand would only get in the way. Removing the hand model had nothing to do with polish, it was a design decision.

  • Brett Chalupa

    I really loved the follow-up development videos from the members who worked on this. They were very insightful to the process of making a game in a short amount of time. The thought process that went into designing the game, creating and cutting content, and making it replayable was very interesting.

    In regards to many people (not just on TIGS, but across the web), complaining about Wolfire selling their 7DFPS game, I think that it is totally OK to sell your byproducts. Wolfire is a business, and they approach making games as a business. Between their pre-orders, the Humble Store, Humble Indie Bundle, and now this, it is apparent that they want to make money and be successful while not alienating people. What is wrong with selling something they created in a week? I honestly can’t see the problem.

    It isn’t about the time spent making the game, it’s about how fun it is to play.

  • trainedgorilla

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  • t1gerdog

    Bring it, dork ass.

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    I’m pretty sure this is a personal blog last time I checked. Read Indiegames if you’re too lazy to dig stuff up on your own. DUR DUR DURRR

  • Nicolas Mulbery

    I heard of this game a little while back. Still looks good and promising. Shame the game lacks a bit of substance and polish.