La-Mulana Returns to PC on July 13

By: Alehkhs

On: July 6th, 2012

Retro-inspired platformer and puzzler La-Mulana will be returning to its PC roots next week.

Priced at $15 USD, the PC version of this remake will include the Hell Temple and Attack Mode features that were made available as DLC on the WiiWare version, as well as support easy modification of the game.

La-Mulana will be available at the launch of Playism’s new English site on July 13, 2012. The original game can still be downloaded for free however, so be sure to check it out in the meantime!

  • Gabriel Verdon

    You guys should post an article about Cinders by Moacube, it came out a couple weeks ago.

  • Frank Anthony Intino II

    That’s awesome! I was actually wondering what happened to this game’s remake or if it was ever going to come over seas.

  • Gazillion

    Is this game any good? I always had the impression that it was an impossible metroidvania style game with roguelike elements with no story or real ending. Am I totally off?

  • JoseD

    the video is a bit confusing..

  • Francis Coulombe

    YESSSSSS. La Mulana is the best indie game guys. Its the best. You are indeed totally off Gazillion.

  • Malefact

    Hahah, they’re keeping Helltemple in the final release. Good on them =)

  • Alexander Martin


  • Alexander Martin

    It’s very difficult and frequently opaque (though the new version may include more hints and general user-friendliness!); there are no roguelike elements; there are stories but indirect and small ones, not a large world-spanning plot; I’m pretty sure there’s an ending but I’ve never seen it.

    I love it.

  • Dominic Tarason

    There is a HUGE story, actually, and an ending after one of the longest and most gruelling final bosses in 2D platforming. All those cryptic hints and messages add up to a huge deal by the end.

  • Dominic Tarason

    I’ll also add that it does feel like there’s no ending, but only because it’s an enormous game. Most new players take 20+ hours to complete it on their first playthrough.

  • Gazillion

    I don’t mind just hints of a story! I’m totally going to play this now.

  • SirNiko

    So freakin’ excited. I think this will be a day-one purchase even if I am too busy to actually play it next week.

  • iffi

    They also remade it to be allegedly more difficult. Have fun. =P

  • iffi

    Anybody who claims there’s no story either hasn’t gotten far enough in the game or thinks that a story has to take the form of a scripted narrative. La-Mulana’s one of the go-to examples of great environmental storytelling, and the world is a joy to discover.
    Regarding the difficulty, the platforming is difficult at the beginning, but as you get more life crystals to increase the amount of health you have, it becomes much easier to survive, and the difficulty comes instead from the puzzles (which range from easy to mind-numingly difficult). The boss fights can also be pretty difficult if you don’t have a solid strategy.
    There is an end, but by the time you get there you probably won’t want it to end (which is why you tackle Hell Temple afterwards =P).

  • aas


  • guest

    Would it be worth it for me to play the original or should I just wait for this version and play that without spoiling anything? Does this version add any content that is important to enjoying it?

  • News

    hype tripe platformer

  • Broncanuss

    Is there anything more to being independent but repetitive “retro”-games spiced with stuff we’ve learned from more modern genres?
    Yes? Phew!

  • Mungus

    Haha you said players complete this game. IMPOSSIBLE!

  • Paul Eres

    working on it. tigsource is known for being slow

  • Gabriel Verdon

    Cool :) Just thought I’d mention it in case you guys weren’t aware.

  • JoseD

    If anyone thinks this game is better than fez thumb this up!

  • guest

    Thanks for all the replies guys! I’m just gonna skip them both so I don’t have to live in fear while playing one of the versions.


    Our service starts end of the week!

  • Renaud B.

    shut the fuck UP jesus christ

  • Evan Balster

    Ah, the follies of self-marketing. :)

  • JoseD

    Hah! So am I not entitled to speak my mind? Fuck that. Don’t like other people’s opinions? Go hide under your bed, little girl!

  • Sammy

    Perhaps he’s just sick of you talking about fez constantly, for a game you don’t like you cant seem to shut up about it.

  • Séamus Bradd

    I think both La Mulana and Fez are video games.

  • Séamus Bradd

    That’s really insightful, bro. You should become a critic.

  • News

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  • News

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  • News

    naggers of Europa

  • JoseD

    Why is he so sick about me mentioning FEZ like two times ever? Doesn’t that mean he should mind his own business, instead of worrying so much about what I or other people have to say? Sounds like a mental case to me.

    Also, who said I don’t like FEZ? Why do you put words in my mouth? You don’t seem too right in the head either (if you’re in fact a different person, not the same guy using a different name). Do me a favor and get a life, please.

  • JoseD

    Lol, that’s a very interesting outlook!

  • Sammy

    Well id like to comment that i am infact a different person, and that you should think long and hard about what qualifies someone as being mentally ill before throwing it around like you do. That’s all i have to say about that.

  • Renaud B

    Or am I? Hard to tell… Hah, you got be, bro!

  • News

    leap away froggy

  • News

    I can’t get the original to work. It just goes through three different resolutions before closing. Ran in compatibility mode and the same thing happens. I’m using a Windows 7 laptop with an (outdated, obscure graphics card) Intel Graphics Media Accelerator HD (Core i5), and DirectX 10. The contents of the lamulana.ini looks like this if you’re interested: “ネミヒヘ92ネミヒヘ92 d”

  • novelweapons

    This is great. Now can I get the Spelunky redux for PC?

  • kentwong

    anyone having trouble saving the game? it freezes and doesn’t save

  • mtarini

    Is anybody else puzzled by the fact that the “original” game seem to require fluent Japanese in order to be enjoyed, and the remake offers no demo whatsoever?

    How am I supposed to divine if I will like the game at all, before buying it?

    Based on comments by enthusiasts, I suspect it to be excruciatingly difficult and exceedingly frustrating to play. Lacking any other info, I’ll stick to that and I’ll pass on this one (I tend to prefer games which don’t feel like unpaid second jobs). To bad, because it looked interesting.