Kerbal Space Program 0.16 – One Small Step

By: Alehkhs

On: July 20th, 2012

Today marked the 43rd anniversary of the first lunar landing and the first steps taken by mankind on the surface of the Moon. In celebration of this grand scientific achievement, the team at Squad has released the newest alpha version of their outstanding space game, Kerbal Space Program. Version 0.16 allows players to direct their Kerbal explorers to leave their vehicles for the first time and travel around on foot or even by jetpack. Will it be a momentous occasion for the annuls of history, or a embarrassing failure of aeronautical mishap? It’s up to you.

  • João Pontes

    Almost 50 years and still no Mars landing (unless you’re thinking about the candy bar).

    I guess it really IS up to me and those 3 toad-alien-mutant people.

  • Viktor

    My grandfather died in the Soyuz 11 disaster. I wish these insensitive brutes would stop exploiting and trivializing space fatalities.

  • Jebs Strat Meks

    @8e2e58b5230b1a965cb80e6e90b4009c:disqus My grandfather died because of medical error. I think they should ban games like Trauma Center, because people can do medical errors and gore fests for fun and press a button to correct it, while in reality it costs lifes of poor little sad persons. Like, OH MY GAWD STUPID VIDIA GAEMS HURTZ MEH FELLINGS AND I CANNOT HAVE FUN. bawwwwwwww, etc etc
    IF someone didn’t get what i’m saying, i’ll put it in straight words: Get out. :l

  • Viktor

    You think it’s FUNNY to asphyxiate in space? At least Trauma Center takes itself seriously. There’s nothing charming or quirky about dying in space. How DARE you?

  • Baleur

    Are you kidding me? It is a game, about the love for exploring space. It’s for all ages, especially to help young people get interested in space travel as well. Which is a good thing for humanity as a whole.
    How dare you? What about all the people that died in WW2? What about all the games about that?
    No comment, i won’t even bother. Your argument is so far beyond reasoanble that it aint worth a proper discussion. You should apply for a job at Fox.

  • Dingus

    You nerferters, my step-dad was a comet that crashed into earth. Take it seriously!

  • Jandy

    Wow, the fishing here is excellent. He’s pretty clearly a troll.

    NB. It doesn’t much sense to put “No comment” 5 lines into a comment. And then continue to comment.

  • sane

    Little offended that the trailer is all fluff and no gameplay.

  • Renaud B.

    Thumbs up if you think this game is better than FEZ!

  • Jotaf

    So, war games are totally okay. Right?

  • George Katsaros

    lol I think he’s joking

  • George Katsaros

    Very refreshing game. I play it all the time. It’s fun building your crazy rockets and attempting to leave the grips of gravity

  • Viktor

    I wasn’t, asshole. :-(

  • Jotaf

    That’s unfortunate, but come on, games and movies trivialize many bad events. If you watch a movie without violence (unless it’s a comedy) you’ll say it’s lame. There’s a whole lot of reasons why that’s the way it is, but you must give creators/artists some leeway. At least the characters are not super-realistic humans or anything, which kinda tones it down.

  • Maxim

    Going by this kinda logic, Ketsui and Vimana trivialize the end of civilzation. DOOM trivializes being ripped to shreds by demons. Hell, Super Mario Brothers trivializes kidnapping women! That’s where the fun is–we put the player in the middle of hell and give them a fighting chance.
    On that note, Renaud B. will be happy to hear my new game is well underway. Expect an even higher BC than Bloodlands!! Like, expect around 100 kills a minute :D

  • sonicblastoise

    you do realize it’s free right…? nothing stopping you from downloading it and trying it. I don’t really understand why it’s worth taking offense to something that is essentially harmless

  • Maxim

    And I realize I should probably make a forums account if I’m gonna self aggrandize. Sorry for my poor etiquette!

    It’s one last Megazeux game before I move on to having graphics and stuff…. 2 months tops :$

  • Keiya

    Actually, that just plain can not happen in KSP. They don’t require life support. Space Shuttle Columbia can’t either, no heating on reentry Scenarios similar to Apollo 13 can, but those are often recoverable with cleverness… similar to Apollo 13.

    Soyuz 1 and Space Shuttle Challenger type disasters can happen, though.

  • Renaud B.

    Ha, I never wrote this comment. Guess I have my own little army of doppelgangers now, I’ll add “take over the world” to my to do list

  • Anonymous

    You might laugh about tragedy, but ,y father died in the september 11 attacks.

    He flew the plane into the building lol