Preview: Incredipede

By: Derek Yu

On: September 3rd, 2012

This is a new trailer for Colin and Sarah Northway’s Incredipede, which features artwork by Thomas Shahan. Slated for a late October release, Incredipede is a physics-based platformer where you control Quozzle, a little creature that can be built and rebuilt using jointed limbs and muscles. According to the game’s website, it will come with 60 levels and a level editor.

  • Coauctor

    Incredipedly cool.

  • Shoemancer

    really strange but incredibly creative

  • Moczan

    Game about making your own QWOP variant.

  • Anonymous

    This game looks awesome and sort of grotesque at the same time. I heard the sequel’s going to be called “Human Incredipede”. JK :)

  • heeby

    subtle mushrooms in the background ;) great psychedelic woodcut art!

  • pajoux

    Seems like a well polished fun game, but it really doesn’t look like they have done anything new compared to their originally fun Fantastic Contraption. Meh, who am I to talk. If they want to remake their own game with better graphics and more polish, power to them I guess.

  • Dan Fessler

    spore meets qwop… who woulda thunk? Such a cool idea

  • BearKiller

    I really like how they kinda redid the trailer they put out a while back. You really get to see what’s changed in the game since then.

  • Yavuz G√ľnay

    you guys are sick :D coolest idea ever seen

  • Larry Martin

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