Kickstarter: Stretch Goals

By: Derek Yu

On: September 11th, 2012

Even though the following three Kickstarters have been fully funded, I thought you might still be interested in hearing about the projects or getting in at the last moment to obtain prizes and help the developers reach their “stretch goals”.

The first game is Chivalry: Medieval Warfare, a first-person action title centered around medieval melee combat. Developer Torn Banner Studios, who previously created the Half-Life 2 mod Age of Chivalry, says the final release will have a deep melee system and over 60 weapons and siege weapons to play with, as well as a “dynamic objective system” to provide some higher-level strategy to the team-based battles. But unfortunately the single-player portion of the game sounds like it will be limited to practice for online multiplayer.

Chivalry is slated for a Fall release as a PC exclusive.

Next up is Mercenary Kings, a run n’ gun by Tribute Games (Wizorb) that features artwork by the inimitable Paul Robertson (this same team also worked on the Scott Pilgrim console beat ’em up). The game will release on PC with 4-player splitscreen co-op and features a unique weapon-building system that allows you to build your own arsenal. Not too much else is known about it since it’s still in the prototype phase.

I enjoyed Wizorb and I’m looking forward to this, although I’ll be honest, I’m a little scared about how the weapon system will affect the balance and level design.

Finally, there’s Two Brothers, an ambitious top-down action RPG set in a world that has been leeched of color. The premise of the game is intriguing and aside from the amateurish font, the production looks very nice. Two Brothers is slated for a February 2013 release.

  • News

    pubic hair lock

  • Guest

    ‘weapon system will effect’ -> ‘weapon system will affect’

  • BaptismOnFire

    All ready backed all three!

  • Davioware

    Chivalry: Medieval Warfare: What I thought the melee combat in Skyrim would be like. I’m super excited for this game. It’s nice to see someone focus on melee combat instead of guns for once. New genre incoming: First Person Swinger. errr. Slicer. Smasher? Slasher.. Basher. First Person Basher.

  • Derek Yu

    Thank you for catching that. Fixed.

  • Graham Luke

    1st, 3rd look good.

  • Yrgkala

    “and aside from the amateurish font” ? Not sure what you mean by that.

  • Derek Yu

    I’m talking about the in-game font. The letters are very uneven in terms of width – some are 4 pixels wide, some are 5, the ‘m’ is 7, etc. Why is ‘y’ only 3 pixels wide when ‘g’ is 4?! Looks bad.

    Compare to, say, this guy’s fonts, which look much better:

    Or even the Gameboy font they use for the trailer text (which is fully monospace – I don’t think they need to go that far).

    Not to mention that the in-game text is inexplicably crammed up against the upper-left part of the text box. There’s no way to fit a third line in that box, so they should really move it to the center and let it breathe.

    Plus typos, e.g. “availible”…

    People, please take your text seriously. It’s a shame to see a good game tarnished by ugly text.

  • jessamills

    Did all these games originate from TIG?

  • JoĆ£o Pontes

    Have you ever heard of Dark Messiah by the way? It’s from Arkane Studios, the folks behind Dishonored and its a fantastic game. Easily the best first person melee game I ever played.

    Its also one of those game I keep coming back to. You should try it. You’ll never be able to enjoy Skyrim after that lol XD.

  • Dormir

    From the chivalry video (emphasis original from vocal delivery):

    “A medieval army wouldn’t go into a village and raise a flag and capture it, like you do in other games. A medieval army would go into a village and butcher EVERYBODY and they would burn EVERYTHING. And you get to do that in Chivalry. And that’s just one example of how we’ve made the objectives something that you’d genuinely WANT to do and you can have a lot of fun.”

    I guess my thumb isn’t on the pulse of the indie gaming scene if this one’s already met its Kickstarter target. Butchering people has to be the means AND the end?

    I’m not squeemish about violent games (give me Ninja Gaiden Black anyday) but I’m surprised at this sales pitch.

  • Guest

    Chivalry looks great although their melee system looks exactly like the one in Mount & Blade: Warband. I prefer M&B simply because it also features one of the best single player experiences I have ever played.

  • Guest

    Chivalry looks great although their melee system looks exactly like the one in Mount & Blade: Warband. I prefer M&B simply because it also features one of the best single player experiences I have ever played.

  • Jane

    How about a kickstarter for a fkin pc version of Scott Pilgrim.

  • majormel

    so either paul robertson uses his same explosion sprites a lot or he just designs them that way

  • Arucard

    I did notice the text seemed a little strange (in-game), but was too taken by the sprite-work to have it turn me off. Plus the premise is pretty interesting, I assume text is simply low on the priority list.

  • Zecks

    Mercenary Kings looks like it’s gonna be clunky boring shit. I dunno what I was expecting since Scott Pilgrim was already flawed as fuck. plz do art on better games Paul

  • BearKiller

    No way Scott Pilgrim was fun as shit. But I grew up playing games like River City Ransom so that might explain it.