By: Derek Yu

On: September 25th, 2012

FTL, by Subset Games

Continuing the fine TIGSource tradition of posting old news… I’d like to mention that FTL came out earlier this month. The real-time spaceship simulation and “roguelikelike” was released just five months after its successful Kickstarter and is available on Steam, GOG.com, and directly from the developers.

Inspired by Star Trek, Battlestar Galactica, and other sci-fi television shows, FTL puts you in control of a spaceship and its crew. The bulk of the game consists of flying from planet to planet and battling with enemy ships in real-time. Just like a proper spaceship captain, you’ll have to micromanage the battle and assign crew to tasks such as repairing damage, manning ship systems, or engaging in phaser shoot-outs with aliens that have beamed aboard. Winning these deadly duels garners you scrap (FTL’s currency) and other rewards, like fuel or weaponry.

I’ve only played a couple rounds so far, but there’s a lot of potential here for a great coffee break game!

  • News

    dull taciturn claptrap

  • http://twitter.com/MikeHollstrom Michael Hollström

    I managed to put 20 hours into this game! addictive as hell! and pretty damn hard! I love it.

  • http://twitter.com/jay_sherby Jay Sherby

    The thing about this game is that it puts all other space combat games to shame. It may not seem like it when you first play it, but try going back to another game. For example, I was playing S.P.a.Z. recently (no offense, it’s a great game) and I found the combat boring and repetitive compared to FTL. FTL just seems to find the right balance.

  • Totes

    First off, you can’t just compare “space combat” games just because a game contains space combat. I love FTL, but I also love Flotilla. Is one better than the other? They are apples and oranges (if you both like apples and oranges equally)

  • name

    this game is pure awesomeness!

  • Patter

    This game is Fantastic! Its by far one of the best indie game I’ve ever played

  • Derek Yoohoo

    > Is one better than the other?

    Yes. Flotilla is shit.

  • Totes

    Not going to get into it, but that’s completely a matter of opinion and not a measurement of comparison.

  • http://www.facebook.com/people/Dan-Carpenter-Jesus-Carepnte/100002355185279 Dan Carpenter Jesus Carepnte

    It’s like I’m really on 4chan all of a sudden. What a worthless comment.

  • http://www.derekyu.com Derek Yu

    Man, that Rebel Flagship is a beast. D:

  • Name

    Dull and shallow. After 2 hours I’ve seen 90% of the events and then it’s just repeating the same repetitive combat over and over and hoping the RNG doesn’t screw you over. Only buy if you like grinding for artificial game lengtheners like ship unlocks and achievements.

  • News

    spastic spatial reasontard

  • http://www.derekyu.com Derek Yu

    I actually agree that the game seems fairly shallow (after 6 hours here). However, the basic combat and ship management is a lot of fun, imo. If they added more interesting scenarios as opposed to “choose your own adventure” style random events and also polished up the graphics, I think it could be amazing.

  • Anonymous

    I feel like we partly have Derek to thank for this one. Spelunky seems to have clued in designers to the fact that you can take the concepts that make Roguelikes so much fun and put them in any genre. So far there’s really just this and Binding of Isaac, but I’m really hoping the idea takes off.

  • Abaleth

    This is an excellent little game. It’s maybe slightly limited in it’s long-lasting appeal (about 14 days in I’m worried that I’m beginning to have seen it all), however, it’s excellent, highly original, and well worth the money.

  • Abaleth

    Yeah, I agree. This game could do with more content.

  • Patter

    This game is crying for a iOS version

  • Golgoth

    Did u know there”s something called “mods” ? Did u actually looked a bit at FTL official forums ?