Receiver Content Update #1

By: Derek Yu

On: September 28th, 2012

Wolfire has released the first content update for their “7-day” FPS Receiver, which includes a flashlight, a S&W Model 10 revolver, a Glock 17, and the ability to move your guns closer to the screen through the settings menu. Players who already own Receiver can get the update free from the Humble Store. You can purchase the game for $5 on its website or by pre-ordering Wolfire’s main project, Overgrowth.

Steam Greenlight: Receiver

  • NoGameNoGory

    2 devs working on 2 games at the same time is 1 way to get 0 games done

  • spillblood

    Reminds me a bit of Jurassic Park Trespasser. Human enemies with detailed wounding/gore system, please!

  • guest

    That is a ridiculous amount of work you’re asking for considering the team and the other game they’re working on. Don’t expect to get it.

  • Jared Thomson

    The attitude of people putting down feature requests boggles my mind. Showing interest in a project and wanting more out of it is only a positive thing as far as I can see. Let people day dream out loud, it’s only going to produce more hype.

    Save the nay-saying for people who come at it with an attitude like “This game is shitty until it has features X, Y, and Z”.

  • News

    pedantry of war

  • guest

    Oh, alright then.

    I’d like human enemies with the physics from Overgrowth, rifles, smgs, normal mapped environments, more environments, multiplayer, co-op campaign, more robot enemies, achievements, dinosaurs, randomly generated dynamic situations including hostage situations, romance options, vehicles, fully dynamic crowd engine for cities, please!

    I see your point though, I just wanted to explain to spillblood that it wasn’t likely to be getting that since it’s not their primary product and it really is a lot of work.

  • John

    Believe it or not, working on 2 games simultaneously actually improves productivity for many developers.

    Game developers get “writer’s block” and lose motivation just like anyone else, maybe even more so. Developing concurrent projects curbs both issues. It helps keep things interesting. If you get bored or need time to consider an important or difficult aspect, you can work on the other game while you digest the concepts.

    Also, tasks often overlap. By engineering your solutions so that they can be applied to both projects, you save time in the long-run and develop more flexible, more elegant, less error-prone, easier to maintain, easier to reuse code.

    I have no doubt what-so-ever that both projects will be a success. Receiver already is.

  • John

    The bottom line is that they’ve made amazing progress on both games already so whatever they’re doing is obviously working. Being free of puppet strings is one of the very aspects that makes independent development so great. As developers, we should try to encourage our differences. After all, our passion and freedom to work in our own way are at the core of delivering fresh and unique games.

  • spillblood

    I’m not saying it should be completely remade. I like the graphics, the style and the music.

  • guest

    Sorry, had a rough week. I apologize for both my previous posts.

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  • talanos

    this game is done, nothing more. no graphics update,enemies,blood or gore, it is done. 6 hours worth of play and now it will sit in my library till it piles dust bigger than mountains.

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