Probability 0

By: Lorne Whiting

On: October 19th, 2012

Droqen‘s first commercial game, Probability 0, is out now for five dollars. Also available is a bundle offering three other games, including an extended version of Fishbane and Starseed Pilgrim, which was first announced on the TIGForums nearly 2 years ago.

Probability 0 is a platformer roguelike where you have to descend an infinitely long dungeon, with your score measured in the depth you’ve reached. You do have an incentive to murder things, however, in order to gather the orbs enemies drop for new skills and more ammunition. You’ll have a lot of opportunities to experiment as you die over and over, in true roguelike fashion.

The game is pretty damn addicting if you get in to it; I’ve easily gotten more than my money’s worth out of the game, so if the game interest you it’s well worth trying the demo. And punching and headbutting everything.

Steam Greenlight: Probability 0

  • Lorne Whiting

    Personal record is 880 meters in Expert, and 74 in Karma Mode. YOU’LL NEVER DEFEAT ME.

  • ThemsAllTook

    Looks amazing! Fishbane was super brilliant, so this was an instant buy for me.

  • allan o


  • News

    cent per pixel

  • News

    nice color palette

  • News

    ocean scum green

  • Deadqen

    ocean scum green is my favourite colour.

  • Deadqen

    wait, that should have been a response.

  • I’ll Pass

    Maybe the trailer doesn’t do it justice, but there’s no way I would pay $5 for this.

  • Jews

    unfunny gimmick poster

  • Deadqen

    There’s a demo!

  • News

    foolish false flaggot

  • mtarini

    I remember playing Probability 0 a long while ago.
    I surely didn’t pay anything for it and it didn’t look like a demo.
    What happened?

    Beside, sorry but you can’t call it a roguelike. It is not. Ok, it the stages are procedurally generated, and yes, the depth is the main parameter determining the monsters you get, but that’s not what makes a roguelike: P0 is still firmly a (vertical scrolling) platform arcade! Please let’s not misuse genre labels like that.

    As for the game itself, I found it to be an interesting experiment, but falling shorts of decency under many aspects. Dungeon generation is a bit clumsy Controls are very frustrating (including the awful key-mapping awful). This kind of things could be easily ameliorated by a little more though in control design. There is no reason to make player suffer and wish it was easier to do natural things (like jumping *and* shooting).

  • Deadqen

    Ssssooo… there’s a demo. Maybe you should give it a try in order to determine whether or not these problems were fixed? s: It seems kind of silly to denounce flaws in a years-old version of a game while ALSO asking what makes the new version different from the old.

    I have no idea what you mean by “awful key-mapping awful” (it is easy to re-map keys) and I’m unclear about what could make jumping and shooting easier. It is, already, literally one button followed by a second button. I can take nothing from your feedback as much as I’d like to: all you’re saying is this is bad, this is bad, this is bad.

    I need some idea of what your actual issues are before I dismiss them, is what I’m saying :p

  • EToaster

    I really like the way health is represented in this game. It’s very cool.

  • Sponge

    I bought the bundle, I’ve been having a lot of fun playing the games and I’ve only played Probability 0 and Starseed Pilgrim so far. For people who have played Starseed Pilgrim, am I missing something or is it just the one level?

  • Dlugolecki

    The game design looks like it has potential, but those placeholder graphics are simply unacceptable for a commercial game. Even at five dollars.

  • Deadqen

    By definition they are not placeholder graphics. ¯(°_o)/¯

  • Matthew Rundle

    it’s kind of charming at first.

    I have a big round cursor, and I have to fit it over the fishes that swim onscreen from left and right, and it’s kind of easy. I click on a fish, it disappears. There’s a variety of fishes, this is probably educational. as the game progresses, the screen pans deeper and deeper, and the fishes swap our for others that are larger, or faster, or trickier.

    after a while it seems like most of the fishes have gotten too large for my cursor. but I never lose – the game continues. deeper and deeper. sometimes i see one i could get, but it’s creeping about behind the others. the screen has become filled with sharks and whales, and things like eels, with many strange fins. am I still playing a game at all? wasn’t it a film? it’s something else.

    I can’t close the window. These are no earthly fish. Eventually I wake, and it was nothing – but after a while I realise the fish are still there, in another tab, in another window. something colossal swims by, but stops – all i can see is its eye, searching.

    this game is giving me some awful fucking dreams.

  • Dlugolecki

    They sure as hell look like them. It’s like the artist drew the outlines and then said “screw it, I’m too lazy to fill in the details.” Even Minecraft’s graphics look less like placeholders.

  • Renaud B.

    you look like a placeholder

  • allan o

    welllll it depends what you mean. return home and build out to find new islands. they’re modifiers. reach a 3 key lock in these ‘outer’ worlds with the right tools however….

  • Sponge

    wow i have no idea what you’re talking about. Gotta play this game more haha all I’ve done is grow for a while and then inevitably die and repeat.

  • Droqen

    i have to ask, are you talking about a real game?