Kickstart This: Distance

By: Derek Yu

On: October 23rd, 2012

[This is a guest post by Shinji16.]

Distance, by Refract Studios

The team behind Nitronic Rush has grown up, with three of them forming their own indie group called Refract Studios. Their first project is a game called Distance, which has been called a spiritual successor. As stated by Kyle Holdwick, the Creative Director of Refract, Distance is a chance to do things they wanted to do with Nitronic Rush but weren’t able to.

One noteworthy difference is for Nitronic Rush they built their own engine, but are using Unity for Distance. They’re also putting heavy focus on a powerful but easy-to-use editor, modding support, and live multiplayer. Nitronic’s multiplayer was ghost racing.

Right now they’re using Kickstarter to fundraise and also because they want fan feedback for direction in various parts of the project. With endorsements from Aaron Hightower, lead programmer of San Francisco Rush 2049 (a major inspiration for Nitronic), and industry veteran Cliff Bleszinski, along with proven experience as an award winning dev team, they deserve support. You can find their Kickstarter here and their Steam Greenlight here.

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  • a/hole

    What a useless trailer.

  • Shinji16 / Brendan

    I agree the trailer doesn’t do much. The Kickstarter video, however, makes up for it in strides.

  • Keith Frazer

    Play Nitronic Rush. That should be all the convincing anyone needs.

  • Edi

    Distance Pre-Alpha Gameplay (Work in Progress):

  • spillblood

    Yeah, Nitronic Rush was simply the best Freeware racing game I’ve ever played, hope this gets enough pledges. Sadly I can’t pledge on Kickstarter, altough I’m registered. Don’t have a credit card, and I don’t wanna get one just to be able to pledge (they aren’t as widespread in Germany as in the US). Voted on Steam Greenlight though!