Hydorah 1.1

By: Derek Yu

On: December 15th, 2012

Hydorah 1.1, by Locomalito

In other Locomalito news, Hydorah has received a nice update to 1.1. According to Zosite on the shmups.com forums this update includes:

– Up to 6 graphic modes, no less, including fullscreen proportional
– Added optional SCANLINES using Game Maker surfaces!
– Added optional VSync!
– Implemented in-game usage of F4, F5, F6 keys to change graphic mode or toggle scanlines and vsync
– Old blurriness significantly reduced; leveled to NONE if played under 640×480 desktop resolution
– Slightly lighter backgrounds, to better appreciate its superb pixel art
– Added custom joystick button configuration
– ‘Wave’ primary weapon fixed: now escorts can also shoot through obstacles
– Scoring adjusted; downgraded on several cases
– Infinite milking is finally OVER; there’s no boss timeout but you won’t get any points while fighting middle and final stage bosses except those coming from the destruction of the boss itself or its sections if it applies
– Final score displayed in game over screen and both endings for your screenshot needs
– Sound and music work much better now; using FFdshow no longer necessary (at least not for me)
– Difficulty also adjusted and toned up a little
– Savegame system improved; now it won’t force you to play with initial configuration which used to get saved along with the game itself. Any new change on config will find its way to your saved game on loading
– 2 more save options so they’re initially 5 now
– Several other minor fixes

  • Paolo Bonacina

    Many people didn’t play it because they couldn’t get past the second level no matter what.
    Now he adjusted the difficulty and “toned up a little”. He’s a genius.

  • guest

    I never finished the last level, but the earlier levels weren’t that hard. Especially because you can save anywhere. You can save every level for your first run, then start saving your saves for levels you can’t beat.

  • Anonymous

    > 2 more save options so they’re initially 5 now

    That was really well balanced as it was. I can’t imagine this being an improvement.
    (I finished the game several times, I find it one of the most addictive games ever)

    Before, you had to **plan**. On your first game, you would save at every level. Then, you would understand you need to “save save-options” for later and you would restart. Upon doing so, you would find what you initially found almost impossible to be almost trivial. What a satisfaction!

  • Antymattar

    I beat the whole game several times. This game is a GEM of indie gaming. I highly recomend anyone who has not tried it to give it a try. The graphcs are great, the music is fantastic and the atmosphere is just exceptional.

  • Anonymous

    Excellent, still shame there is no optional Arcade Mode.

  • Luke Butcher

    I agree entirely. I’m afraid that 5 saves (plus those you gain along the way) will remove all the strategy from the saving system. That said, the game will still be awesome, and this way more people might be able to enjoy the later levels.

  • Fleenboy

    This game (version 1.1 and older) will not run correctly in Windows 7. Running the game normally, it will load the “Ram ok Rom ok” and skull and crossbones screens, then it will go to black and freeze.

    Running the program in compatibility mode for any version, under any service pack, will get past the freezing issue, but there will be no music and the graphics will display incorrectly. there will be black boxes around all the sprites,

    I couldn’t find any help for this that would correctly fix the issues I was experiencing, so I am posting this here, and deleting the game off my hard drive, which kills me because it worked just fine on my old machine, and I love the game.


  • Alextended

    Runs fine on Win7 64bit here. Same as before the patch.

  • Renaud B

    This Game is better than FEZ

  • Boop

    I’m getting these black boxes around all of the stuff like text, the ship, enemies. Any idea whats causing this?

  • Ruber Eaglenest

    The surfaces, try using not scanlines.

  • Ruber Eaglenest

    Arcade WTF? This is already arcade, not need any “mode”.

  • Ruber Eaglenest

    Where, there are people out there (normal people) that need that 5 saves. People that simply can’t beat the game. You are made of other material. The material needed to play Locomalito’s games.

  • Bora Jak

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