TIGS Sports Compo: Footbrawl Quest Scores!

By: Derek Yu

On: January 8th, 2013

Footbrawl Quest

Happy new year! The winner of the TIGSource Sports Competition was announced last month… a huge round of applause for (drumroll, please) Footbrawl Quest, the turn-based American football game made in the style of a dungeon crawler! It’s quite fun – go check it out.

The top 5 games from the competition are:

1. Footbrawl Quest
2. Unicorrida
5. Tiny Soccer Manager Stories (TIE)

You can view the voting thread here. Congratulations to anyone who participated! This was a solid return to form and here’s looking to at least one other TIGS competition this year!

  • Doctor Footdive

    I had a lot of fun playing FLOG, so that one actually ended up being my favorite.

    I dunno, I really wanted to like Footbrawl more, but I just felt like it could have incorporated more football elements. The current game’s still neat, but right now it feels more like a straight up strategy game. I think just having two teams playing football in a dungeon without permadeaths still could have been really fun, almost like Mutant League with more obstacles and spells and stuff.

    But aside from my nitpicks, I think everyone did a great job!

  • http://twitter.com/AzureBlu319 Anton

    Agreed. Holy balls is it hard..

  • Renaud B

    This game is so much better than FEZ!

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