Pre-Alpha Teaser: Darkwood

By: Alehkhs

On: March 7th, 2013

The three-person indie studio, Acid Wizard, has released a gameplay teaser for their current survival-horror project, Darkwood.

Billed as a “top-down, oldschool survival horror set in a procedurally generated open world, with RPG and roguelike elements,” where players must explore the dark forest surrounding their cabin and defend against the terrors of the night, Darkwood sounds like a project to follow. As the trailer shows, Acid Wizard certainly knows how to do atmosphere, and the gameplay itself strikes me as a top-down mix between Project Zomboid and Alan Wake. A great first impression, to be sure, and I’ll certainly be keeping tabs on this project as it goes forward.

  • Maverick

    At first I was a bit annoyed because, you know, the protagonist was breathing hard one entire minute. But yes, I liked everything. The top-down perspective remembered me games like the classics Grand Theft Auto, Alien Breed and so on. Games I really liked. And the light system is simply perfect. And that, not without the great atmosphere mixed with the great ambient sounds over there made me insta-follow and want badly insta-buy this game.

    So excited about this! Let’s throw money at the screen and see what happens.

  • Niwadamus

    Loved it.

  • Vasili Sviridov

    Looks a lot like Cataclysm: Dark Days Ahead roguelike, with nice visuals and audio :D

  • Dugan

    like an enhanced version of Cottage of Doom!

  • Thorsten

    I saw this exact game at the Berlin Game Jam, and the guys there created it from scratch… At least the art, assets and atmosphere off this game are totally copied from that original game, that was labeled “a horror Hotline Miami”. Indies copying indies? that’s definitely a bad thing to do.

  • ian

    at least aknowledge the use of the assets of the devs from “Chill”

  • Dante

    It was true! I didn’t believe when they told me… These guys stole our assets! What a lack of imagination… Well, nevermind, we’ve got good brains and 100 ideas per day, we don’t need to go stealing Game Jam projects…

  • Ethan Moses

    As a member of the team that worked on Chill, I want to throw my two cents in about this project as I think its a huge stretch to say that assets/ideas were stolen. I appreciate the fact that people feel the need to defend the work we did, but the last thing that Darkwood’s development team needs is people having the impression that their project plagarizes another . ┬áPersonally, I am really excited for Darkwood and wish I was playing it right now, well maybe not this exact minute as Im currently staying in an old country cottage in Italy and dont want to suffer anxiety all evening. Keep up the good work bros!