Gameplay Trailer: Banished

By: Derek Yu

On: March 23rd, 2013

Banished is an upcoming city-building simulation where you manage the lives of exiled colonists in a remote wilderness. According to the game’s website: “The townspeople of Banished are your primary resource. They are born, grow older, work, have children of their own, and eventually die. Keeping them healthy, happy, and well-fed are essential to making your town grow. Building new homes is not enough—there must be enough people to move in and have families of their own.” Townspeople can have a variety of occupations, from hunting to blacksmithing, and sustainable practices will be necessary to survive the harsh environment.

Amazingly enough, Banished is being developed by a single person. The game is due on PC in the latter half of 2013.

  • Maverick

    Ok, let’s remark it again: Being developed by a single person. Yup. And the game has a lot of potential. The engine is cute with decent graphics and seems the AI is smart enough. One thing I want to point is… that in my eyes, MAYBE, the constructions are a bit slow and should be speeded up a little rather than pushing the fast forward button every now and then. Anyway, it’s a well done building sim.

    And I’m still amazed. This guy has PASSION with his ‘little’ project. *tears being shed*

  • JoeSchmoe

    Looks awesome, can’t wait.

  • ASnogarD

    I loved the play through / demonstration , it gave me the old Settlers feel with some nice graphics.
    Definitely got my interest and would buy it to test the alpha, at a discounted alpha price if the option became available.
    The only bad things I picked up (and yes I know its not finished, alpha, etc etc) is the villagers seemed too static until you give them something to do, and it seemed there was a lack of animation transitioning some of the actions… like chop tree – tree falls – tree vanishes – neat pile of wood … I feel its missing a transition phase between tree falls and neat pile of wood.
    I would say in response to one of the comments that said stuff built too slow, I say the speed was fine as some players do enjoy watching things slowly build up around them and are not in a hurry for everything to pop up…so a speed up time is the better compromise between those in a hurry and those who like to take it slow….just try ensure things build up more smoothly.

    Great work and looking forward to seeing more, good luck.

  • hjgkkjgkg

    Beasts and Bumpkins 2

  • Scott Rondeau

    Looks amazing, can’t wait to try it out.

  • Angelo Cicero


  • bobusdoleus

    I kind of wish the person talked more about the map. Is it a fixed size, pre-built? Fixed-size, procedurally generated? Infinite, procedurally generated? I’d like to slowly settle an ever-expanding area, it would be neat.

  • Anonymous

    Always a fan of Settler Anno type games. Ever since BlueByte dropped the ball on settlers after the 3rd one. I really needed a new Fix. Not to mention Anno 2070 is a joke