By: ithamore

On: March 31st, 2013

This is Xong. This is 2x0ng. Any questions?

However, for your enlightenment:

I hope you enjoy it. It’s quite difficult, but quite beatable, and there’s a proper ending movie and everything.

Also, ┬áplease use this link if you care about bandwidth restriction, have a heart, or …: 2x0ng at IndieDb. And more of David O’Toole’s games can be found here on his site.

  • ithamore

    It’s 99.99% finished.

  • http://twitter.com/dto1138 David O’Toole


  • http://twitter.com/jovianBlue lolo


  • babybeater

    at 3:00 minute mark he calls this game a “beater”

  • http://namuol.github.com/ namuol

    This is what happens when you write a game in Lisp.

  • http://twitter.com/dto1138 David O’Toole

    I have just released a Mac OSX version of 2x0ng, available on the site.

  • http://www.bywombats.com Ryan Szrama

    Magnificent. Been hoping that would happen soon. : )

  • http://twitter.com/dto1138 David O’Toole

    (I’m sorry I didn’t post I big thank-you sooner, I’ve been feeling a bit sick the last 48 hours.)

    Wow, whoa, O rly?? Thank you so much for featuring 2x0ng! In fact I’ve really got to send a big shout out to the players, testers, indie gaming journalists, and friends (and family members!) whose feedback and bug reports played such a critical role in improving each successive release of 2x0ng. That means THANK U 2: GamingOnLinux, Indie Impressions, Tigsource, #TigIRC, IndieStatik, #rgrd, #lispgames,—too many to name—thanks everyone :)

    I’ve received many comments and suggestions about the beta, as well as a few bug reports to deal with. I am also working with a color-blind user to implement a colorblindness rendering option for the game. (I come from a Free Software background, so accessibility is very important to me.)

    I will be posting further updates on my site. Thanks again to ithamore and all my tigpeeps.


  • http://twitter.com/dto1138 David O’Toole

    I wondered about this for about five seconds, then I realized he meant Beta (as in beta test.)

  • http://twitter.com/dto1138 David O’Toole

    What do you think of a 4-player version in the style of 2600 Warlords? http://blocky.io/plongwars-2.ogv

  • http://twitter.com/dto1138 David O’Toole

    Hi, I have released an updated Windows version of the game—this SHOULD fix the crash issue that made the game unplayable for some users on 64-bit versions of Windows. This far I’ve had it reported working on 64-bit Windows 8, which is a good sign. Please let me know if this helps you get the game working. http://blocky.io/2x0ng-win32-1.0rc1c.zip

  • novelweapons

    Huge LOL as the enemy runs off with the ball

  • http://twitter.com/dto1138 David O’Toole

    i love little surprises

  • http://twitter.com/dto1138 David O’Toole

    2x0ng version 1.0 has been released for Windows, Mac, and Linux. Enjoy! http://blocky.io/2x0ng.html

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  • Dfre Gerw

    I’m glad you’re giving 2x0ng a shot! Despite its challenging nature, it’s rewarding with a beatable difficulty level, and the proper ending movie adds an extra layer of satisfaction. By the way, have you tried playing it while relaxing and watching a movie on your Android: https://www.loklokofficial.com/loklok-for-android/