By: Derek Yu

On: June 25th, 2013

Towerfall, by Matt Thorson

Coinciding with the retail release of the OUYA today is the release of Matt Thorson’s TowerFall, a 4-player versus platformer that is being hailed as the console’s “killer app” on websites like Penny Arcade Report. In the game, each player controls an archer and the goal is to slay your opponents with arrows. Power-ups such as bomb arrows, shields, and wings add variety to the matches, which take place in one of 70 single-screen arenas. The focus is on local multiplayer, but TowerFall does include single-player challenges where you have to destroy dummy targets in a certain amount of time.

Currently, TowerFall is an OUYA exclusive, although Matt has expressed interest in a PC port somewhere down the road. The game’s graphics are by Studio Miniboss (Deep Dungeons of Doom) and the soundtrack is by Alec Holowka (Aquaria).

  • Anonymous

    Yeah, pretty sure Ouya exclusives won’t be exclusives for long. Game looks cool though!

  • Foosler

    Definitely looks awesome – I saw it being played at a Vancouver Full Indie event a little while ago. Kinda annoyed I missed my chance to get an Ouya.

  • lol

    lol ouya

  • Alexei Baboulevitch

    I’ve been waiting for Matt Thorson’s commercial debut for many years now. Let’s hope this game comes to PC sometime soon!

  • Jay Sherby

    I don’t understand all the OUYA hate. Even if you don’t want one, it’s not like it’s hurting you.

  • Sleaker

    They just released at retail.. You didn’t miss your chance to get one.

  • Keith Burgun

    How did you “miss your chance”? Weird thing to say.

  • Keith Burgun

    I agree. I feel like the people doing so are either corporate stooges for the AAA people, OR idiots who don’t know what’s in their best interest.

    It should be clear: OUYA – or any of these 3rd party open source consoles – doing well would be a MASSIVELY positive thing for everyone who plays games and makes games. The ONLY people who it would be *bad* for are publishers. So, whose side are you on?

  • Foosler

    I thought I read that they ran out…I don’t exactly have a great memory.

  • Anonymous

    Their goals (or at least their stated goals) are noble. But the hard ware is pretty bad and the company have been REALLY sleazy about how they handled everything with the kickstarter, lying to customers. They still haven’t shipped all the kickstarter units.

  • Sved

    Developing, manufacturing and shipping hardware products aren’t exactly easy things. And even less so when you ship electronics that meddle with digital content, there are tons of custom issues, certifications to obtain that differ from country to country, electric norms, packaging norms, shipping accidents… things that are easily overlooked when you focus on your marketing campaign.

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  • Keith


  • Leroy Berger

    I recently saw it being played at a Vancouver Full Indie event, and it looks absolutely fantastic. I’m bummed I missed out on getting an Ouya. word hurdle