Sui Generis: Pre-Alpha Gameplay

By: Derek Yu

On: November 18th, 2013

Bare Mettle Entertainment has released the first public footage of Sui Generis since its Kickstarter began a year ago. This video was announced to backers with the following message:

Somewhat later than promised, here finally is a new public video!

During development it’s easy to dismiss many glitches and other issues due to things being unfinished and as you know we are developing all technology in house. As we endeavoured to make this video we became determined to solve every issue we encountered rather than avoiding them or using temporary workarounds. We are after all making a game, not just videos. The game is now very stable, the performance is solid and we removed every glitch we could find.

While the game still deserves many tweaks and improvements, and we want to continue improving it almost indefinitely, we feel we’ve reached a good level of quality and functionality. We’ve avoided showing some aspects of the game that we don’t feel are complete enough yet but we tried to convey the spirit of the game in the video’s narrative. Hope you enjoy it!

The physics-based combat (which looks a little more stable now) has rightly drawn a lot of attention, but Bare Mettle has promised a lot of things for Sui Generis: a detailed and highly-interactive open world, non-linear storytelling, and deep customization. Time will tell whether the game lives up to those ambitions, but even if the team quit now, at least we’d still have the best “medieval tripping on furniture” simulation out there. In all seriousness, though, good luck to them – I’m really looking forward to this one.


  • phi6

    Totally jealous that I’m not making this game! Glad I backed this one :)

  • CaptainKraft

    Gorgeous and well executed. I like the combat system they came up with.

  • Ryan Szrama

    Combat looks great, but since most of the video was running around, does anyone else get the feeling she’s goose stepping all over the map? Or that she’s hovering just a touch above the ground?

  • Bryan Fisher

    Wow that looks really impressive!

  • Lee

    The models and textures look good but the movement animation and the foot placement is just bad. They really need an animator to add some finesse to it… To be honest it doesn’t look like they’ve improved at all in that respect since the kickstarter and this was the one major complaint that was floating about at the time.

    I don’t want to seem overly negative though, it’s pre alpha and there’s still a lot more work to do. I just hope they do work on fixing that.

  • Velocette

    Amazing physics. Animation is superb. Can’t wait to see this finished and playable.

  • jica

    The game looks interesting I will try it for sure

  • Rilfi

    The animations and graphics look really fine. But the music was composed by an amateur it seems

  • finnandjake

    definetly flying above ground.
    i was wondering in the scene where she puts on the shield . Can you put a barrel on your head?

  • LarDe

    Shame that the game is so heavily desaturated. It looks fairly boring too aside from the combat which is decent. So far I’m pretty glad I didn’t back this, it’s yet to impress me.

  • Omega

    If Ultima Online had those graphics….. oh man.

  • Torsten Von Nerdbot

    I totally forgot about that! O_o
    That’s some serious next gen melee right there.
    Some parts feel a bit drunk though :P

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