Teaser: No Man’s Sky

By: Alehkhs

On: December 8th, 2013

Boldly making its presence known last night during the Spike VGX Awards, No Man’s Sky is the latest project by indie studio Hello Games (Joe Danger), and the latest title to emerge in the apparent Space-Sim Revival of 2013. Alongside the gorgeous combat of Enemy Starfighter and the trade-and-fleet management of Limit Theory, No Man’s Sky looks to focus primarily on planetary discovery and exploration, offering the player endless solar systems of procedurally-generated planets that they can seamlessly land on and explore by foot.

I’m getting strong Noctis vibes from the concept and trailer, and I’m pleased to see yet another amazing-looking space sim coming from the indie community. It’s a good time to game.

  • railslavegames

    Oh my sweet Lord

  • Mart Scharl

    wow. This looks incredible. Slaver, drool.

  • LotusxFriend

    Oculus rift + Headphones with surround sound capabilities = Better than actual life

  • Arno

    Yes! Yes! Very Yes!!! Damn I can’t wait to play this.

  • bitstream_
  • anon

    This looks awesome. The game art reminds me of Roger Dean’s work, the guy who did most of Yes’s album covers. I absolutely love the vibes.

  • http://Gamnesia.com/ Barry Herbers

    I can not fucking WAIT for this game. holy crap it looks good.

  • Anonymous

    Even if the only thing this amounts to is an engine capable of producing this trailer, it’s an achievement. I do hope the actual game lives up to the potential, but even if it doesn’t? BAR = RAISED.

  • Jabberwok

    After reading about it, this reminds me of Starbound, except that that actually looks like an indie title, and this does not. Looks and sounds amazing, but I am extremely skeptical.

  • Jonathan N. Fontaine

    Bit late, but I’d like to point out that the soundtrack to this trailer is Debutante, by 65daysofstatic, an awesome instrumental band from the UK.