Kickstart This: La-Mulana 2

By: Alehkhs

On: February 11th, 2014

La-Mulana 2

Fans of La-Mulana rejoice: Indie dev team NIGORO has a sequel in the works and is currently running a Kickstarter campaign to fund its development!

The direct sequel to the Steam-and-WiiWare remake of the first game, La-Mulana 2 follows the adventures of Lumisa Kosugi, daughter of the first game’s curry-loving protagonist, Lemeza Kosugi. This time around, players will guide Lumisa through the ruins of Eg-Lana, which will have Norse mythology serve as a motif. Promising more of the deviously-designed traps, puzzles, and boss fights that made the first game so great, NIGORO also wants the sequel to be “a fresh new experience for people who enjoyed the first game, while also giving newcomers a chance to enjoy the series without being forced to play La-Mulana first.”

The game’s Kickstarter campaign has just 11 days left and has raised nearly 90% of its funding goal in pledges, so if you would like to see a sequel to La-Mulana, head on over to the campaign page and help them leap past their goal.

La-Mulana 2

  • erico

    Wondeful piece of art, no words to describe. I´d prefer they keep the design to themselves and don´t bother soo much for the user´s input. They did an awesome work first time around…second remake and will do again. I´m sure to be surprised…and so much more with superb music. If any criticism Is actually needed, drop the use of transparencies. You don´t get games the quality of the original and remake every year…more please.

  • sinoth

    Absolutely love the second image. Flawless.

  • Anonymous

    I’ll step in when we are talking about Wii U version.

  • Larry Martin

    Thrilled to hear about La-Mulana 2’s development! Backed their Kickstarter, can’t wait for the Norse mythology twist in Eg-Lana. Join me in supporting this fantastic sequel!
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