Kickstart This: The Universim

By: Alehkhs

On: April 23rd, 2014

Indie studio Ctytivo Games has just launched the Kickstarter campaign for their first big project, The Universim.


The Universim certainly aims high, promising to be a god game (presented by Crytivo Games as a “planet-management” game) in which you are tasked with guiding a race from the stone age to the space age. The player will achieve this primarily through indirect action, such as influencing the technological aspirations of the race, deciding where they will found their cities, and even when wars will be fought and for how long (and to what end). Once the player’s race has developed sufficiently, they will take to the stars in search of other planets that they may colonize. Each planet will have different environments and present different challenges to habitation, but the player will continue to guide their race in their efforts to become a universe-spanning empire.

Although the game seems to verge on being a Molyneux-ian pipe dream, the gameplay trailer unveiled today with the Kickstarter campaign shows that they have already completed a significant amount of the game. With Kickstarter, they are now hoping to raise the final funds to complete the game, setting the goal at $320,000. Beyond that, they have laid out potential stretch goals that they hope to be able to implement, such as planet and building editors and a multiplayer mode.

To see more and keep up with The Universim, head on over to the game’s website and TIGForums devlog. If you like what you see and want to help fund the game through to completion, be sure to stop by the game’s Kickstarter page and pledge.

The Universim 04

The Universim 03

The Universim 02

The Universim 01

  • Anonymous

    *cough* Spore *cough*

  • Alejandro Guillen

    Where exactly do they show that they “have already completed a significant amount of the game”? No demo no money!

  • Jooki

    Here is your demo: Imagine Earth – Planetary Colonization – Theres a indiegogo campaign still
    running – – and it will come to early
    access on steam in may already! – One year earlier… at least? Play the original!

  • Jonny

    Looks like a designer’s dream coming true here. I like the overall artworks and style. Backed :)

  • Alejandro Guillen

    Thank you!

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