Resurrected: ADOM

By: Derek Yu

On: June 9th, 2014

Following a successful Indiegogo campaign that raised nearly double its $48,000 goal, Thomas Biskup has been working steadily to bring his legendary roguelike ADOM to a generation of players that might be more familiar with “roguelikelikes” and “roguelites” than the genre that inspired them all. First released in 1994, ADOM (full title: Ancient Domains of Mystery) is widely considered to be one of the “Big 4” defining roguelikes, along with Nethack, Dungeon Crawl, and Angband. An incredibly expansive and challenging game, it’s remained relatively obscure to mainstream game players, due in no small part to its ASCII graphics, closed source, and lack of updates past 2002. With this renewed development, Thomas seeks to remedy that (although as far as anyone knows, the source will remain closed).

A lot is planned for ADOM and a lot has already been done: a lovely graphical tileset, sound, a mouse-driven UI, and new monsters, items, quests, classes, and more. You can experience all of these in the current public version (1.2.0p23), which also includes a new tutorial mode. It’s also on Steam Greenlight, where you can vote for it and help get it released on Steam as a paid, “deluxe” edition alongside the freeware game. The price of ADOM on Steam has not yet been settled on.

It’s great to see the creator of one of THE classic roguelikes throw his hat back in the ring. There are many good reasons why these games have had such a strong and long-lasting influence and hopefully people who missed out on them the first time around will take this opportunity to try one out.

  • sigvatr

    its kinda disapointing caus hes been workin on dis shit for fukin ages (it started out called JADE n he used java caus hes a homo) and tries to convince people that there is a lot of amazin technology behind it but it just seems like a tots generic roguelike. ive been folowin it for fukin ages but im not realy impresed

  • Derek Yu

    I think you’re talking about ADOM 2, which he hasn’t shown much of. This is just the original ADOM. The two games have different engines.

  • sigvatr

    o ya i didnt even read da post lolo

  • Ryan Szrama


  • Rhys

    ADOM used to be a favourite of mine. I’ve sunk many hours into it.

    Watching that video I do think that it would benefit from some animations. It looks a bit absurd to have lovely tweened movement, but combat that can only be detected via the console. I assume this is something that is coming?