The Dwarf Fortress update 0.40.01 has come!

By: Alehkhs

On: July 7th, 2014

An intimidating game. It has colorful graphics of text and it blinks rhythmically. Its interface is obtuse and inconsistent. Beware its emergent storytelling!
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Forgotten Beast

After more than two years since the last update, a new version of Dwarf Fortress has been released by developer Tarn Adams. As always, the game is entirely free, despite it being Tarn’s full-time occupation – he is supported by the generous donations of players.

One of the largest and most notable features of this new update is that the in-game world will no longer be static after its initial generation, but will continue to change and evolve on its own in the background. This will include events ranging from civilization-scale events like foundings and conquests, to more individual actions such as births and deaths of historical figures. Additionally, forts that the player has “retired” will continue to operate within the world, rather than simply becoming abandoned, allowing for the player to visit them in Adventurer Mode and interact with the citizens.

Other notable changes with this update will include multi-tile trees, new site designs for several races, and overhauls of various systems including combat, conversation, movement, and AI. A more extensive changelog can be found here.

Image: Forgotten Beast, by Torgeir Fjereide

  • Lion-Prime

    holly molly! Greatest game ever just became better

  • Snow

    I’ve been thinking of getting into DF since I’ve grown to like roguelikes (total newbie), but is it hard to get into? Or time consuming? Since a family suddenly happened to me, I barely have much time to work on my stuff, let alone take a break and play a good game.

  • vivekroy1245

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  • Arethrid

    Just witnessed another landmark in gaming history. I can’t wait to play it.

  • Brazil 7-0

    Guy with family here. Yeah, I play very much at night and when I have more time. It may be time demanding but that is because it is such fun that you wanna go back and play. Adventurer mode is more of a roguelike, Fortress mode is more of building-manageing game. By far the best I game I’ve played and I’ve played games from Atari era to Play Station 4. Interface is clunky but you can learn the basics quickly if you already have experience with rogue likes. Under the cosmetic details you’ll find an amazingly deep and fun game. Give it a try.

  • Barold

    cool now i just have to wait 5 more months for a more stable version

  • MrBrown

    If the developer would just split up UI frontend and simulation backend, so that the community can finally develop a proper UI for the game and tools like DwarfTherapist don’t need to hack into the game’s memory etc. I don’t have any problems with ASCII graphics, I even prefer them for this game over graphical tilesets, but the UI is just so horrible…

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  • Anonymous

    makes my eyes hurt though :(

  • Anonymous

    It’s hard to get into the way running a marathon is difficult when you have a broken pelvis.