Kickstart This: That Dragon, Cancer

By: Derek Yu

On: December 5th, 2014

As a new-ish father, I can’t even imagine going through what Ryan and Amy Green and their family went through (and are still going through). That Dragon, Cancer is a point-and-click game about their 5-year-old son Joel’s four year battle with cancer. Joel died in March. Not a conventional adventure game by any means, the goal of TDC is to go follow the Greens through their experiences in a series of vignettes that appears to mix real world settings (like the hospital) with surreal places and imagery that are meant to evoke certain emotions. Although it’s a nightmare scenario for any parent, the Greens say that their game is ultimately about hope and imagination.

Originally designed as an Ouya exclusive, the game is now slated for a simultaneous release in 2014 on Ouya, Windows, and Mac.

  • Tanner Hendrickson

    Woah woah woah! Derek’s a dad?

  • Derek Yu

    I am! It’s fun!

  • a

    It’s really hard to explain cancer to somebody.
    You take it one day at a time because every single one is a precious gift.

  • Ben Dunlop

    I can Kickstart this easily, but as a dad, man, I don’t know if I can play it.

  • Seyedsadegh Yousefzade

    oh cancer ! hope to all sick’s became good, I want that from dear god.

  • Amit Kumar

    its awesome but every single how to get it for son and dad.