Kerbal Space Program v1.0 Has Been Launched

By: Alehkhs

On: April 27th, 2015

Version 1.0 of Kerbal Space Program, the premier game from independent Mexican studio Squad, has achieved liftoff.

Kerbal Space Program has been under development now for over four years, and this final update before leaving Early Access brings with it some of the most requested features yet. The aerodynamics model has been completely overhauled, making atmospheric flight more realistic – and more challenging, with the addition of re-entry heat. Additionally, interplanetary prospecting and off-world mining have also been added, allowing players to establish mining colonies to gather and process the mysterious “ore” into fuel. And the kerbals that will be stationed on those colonies will no longer all be unisexual: Female kerbals have arrived. Finally, in addition to a collection of new and polished spaceship parts, Squad has also gone through and added interiors to every manned part, allowing players to take a more immersive look through the eyes of their brave kerbal explorers.

Whether you are a veteran kerbonaut, or you’ve never played the game, right now is a fantastic time to check out Kerbal Space Program. Even as version 1.0 leaves the launch pad, Squad is busy planning future updates, with more features, more learning, and more exploration.

Game Website / Steam Page / GOG Page

  • Ryan Szrama

    Love that the top Steam reviewer has logged over 700 hours in game. Crazy. : P

  • Widminter

    While KSP is a terrible (and wonderful) time-sink, it’s not as severe as
    Steam statistics make it look. While it has time acceleration, you
    often need to leave it running at regular speed during a 15-minute timed
    high-efficiency burn, or while aerobraking.

    I have it open right now while my Laythe explorers aerobrake back into Kerbin. At least half of my 400 hours I’ve logged have been spent with a browser window or my e-mail open while it simulates away in the background.

  • Ryan Szrama

    Hah, that’s awesome. Honestly, I’d love to give it a shot, but I’m going to trust my full calendar for May and stay away a little bit longer. ^_^

  • Westerbly Snaydley

    Do you use any sort of multi monitor setup? I suppose it would be wonderful with something like that.

  • Widminter

    I don’t have multiple monitors, although my single monitor is a large desktop model. There probably are people who just keep KSP running on a separate monitor, if only for that authentic “Mission Control” feeling.

    For anyone just starting to play KSP with version 1.0, please be aware that the new aerodynamic and re-entry physics have made the game much more challenging, and they nerfed the efficiency of most of the rocket engines. Just getting to Kerbin orbit is a “realistically” worthy achievement. Definitely choose the “Easy” difficulty for your first game. Ignore all the YouTube videos of people going to Laythe and back in a single stage. Except for Scott Manley, because he’s cool.

  • klobuk

    Guys this game is amazing. There aren’t many games where you can spend hundreds of hours and still come back after few months. I’ve made a cinematic video for fans or those who are still not sure to give this game a GO ;) HF

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