By: Derek Yu

On: May 19th, 2015

Snakebird, by Noumenon Games

It’s a bird! It’s a snake! It’s Snakebird, a challenging new puzzle game from Noumenon Games, the creators of Nimbus! (Would you believe that I get paid absolutely nothing to write amazing lead-ins like that?) Your goal in each level is to get one or more colorful snakebirds to the exit using their unique anatomy, which lets them twist, turn, and balance on a single segment of their long bodies. Collecting fruit will extend the birds by one segment, making it possible to reach new areas but also easier to get trapped. And you’ll get stuck or killed plenty of times in this unforgiving game – even levels that look relatively contained can be confounding, with plenty of pitfalls, spikes, and small spaces to contend with. Being pretty bad at puzzlers, I can barely make it out of the first area myself, but at least that means there’s plenty of time for me to appreciate the lovely landscapes and wonderful little details.

Thankfully, Noumenon has included an undo feature to make the trial-and-error style nature of Snakebird less frustrating. Personally, I would have loved to see a mouse shortcut for undo given how often you use it, but it’s a small gripe for what seems to be an attractive and unique experience for fans of hard-won puzzle games.

  • SirNiko

    This is super adorable. The snakebirds have really expressive faces, and the puzzles are small but challenging.

  • Jenkins

    Thanks for the posts, Derek! I like this site.

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  • mtarini

    It does looks adorable. Mmm I’ve seen the *exact* same concept a while ago somewhere in the forums (without the cute graphic coating).
    It will take some time to track it back, but it is there somewhere.

    It is quite a peculiar concept.
    So, I’m curious, what happened?:
    * same idea independently invented and pursued by different people?
    * same author(s), who made (surprisingly quickly!) a super-cute, market ready, version of their initial prototype, which was seen in the forum a short while ago?
    * what else? intellectual theft? :D kidding. I know it will not be this one.

  • mtarini
  • d5

    This is looking fantastic! I love the way the snakebirds are wiggling their way through the levels.

  • Derek Yu

    Yay! I appreciate it – thanks for reading. :)

  • vimal
  • Владимир Лучин

    Amazing graphics!

  • Prabhakar Ampliz

    Thats awesome. Appreciated.

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