*Looks Around*

By: Derek Yu

On: June 23rd, 2016


“Are they all gone yet?”

  • Alex Johansson

    I don’t understand what’s happening

  • Angry Guy

    Post moar thingggsssss Derek!!!!

  • Eagle0600

    Some of us are very patient. Or just use RSS.

  • Some Guy

    We’re still watching you.

  • freeek

    i see you

  • Aleksandar Salma

    New content confirmed!?

  • Klangspiel


  • Jeshua Morbus

    Oh, yes, i can be pretty patient myself. As the good (and bad) Weatherwax said, “the good hunter doesn’t pursue, but wait”.

  • http://ryanszrama.com Ryan Szrama

    I just check in every other week or so. Can’t get rid of us that fast. : D

  • http://dropsytheclown.com Dropsy

    *warm damp hug*

  • Alvaro

    We still here

  • Thomas Heslin

    Still here Derek. Loved the boss fight book. Comparing life experiences to puzzle pieces and taking time to it them together , really struck a chord with me. Thanks

  • Jack

    nah these are all bots, nobody is here, youcan come out and play

  • http://sergeymohov.com/ Sergey Mohov

    Still here. Watching. Silently.


    not yet kick harder

  • Diego Floor

    Uh… yes. You can come out of the hole.

  • Diego Floor


  • http://www.astrofra.com/ Astrofra

    I want the TIG contests back ! #cockpitcompo

  • Tof Eklund

    They’re gaining on us! Floor it, Phil!

  • http://ryanszrama.com Ryan Szrama

    Ugh, I heard it’s already overloaded with stupid in-app purchases. Pay to win is not the way, Derek. :-/

  • cougarten


  • Marcos Benitez

    D E R E K

  • J Max Garage

    we still here Derek. Big fan in Arizona BTW.

  • http://nuclearheart.com/ Gy├Ârgy Straub

    we’re not, and we’re carrying the place (and times) within us forever anyway.

  • F U

    This site is garbage and I have no idea why i waste so many seconds of my life checking it

  • ithamore

    Hey there, little guy.
    Like sunflower seeds?
    There you go.

  • John Stalvern

    Still checking in now and then, since 2006.

  • Jamal Traub

    Still check in every once or twice a year now. Any word yet on Snowbrawl 2 ??

  • Shahzeb

    Wow amazing I am able to understand. It is very nice. Thanks a lot