Preview: Highfleet

By: Derek Yu

On: July 18th, 2016

The other day, I was wondering to myself: “What ever happened to the guy who made Hammerfight? I liked that game.” Hammerfight, released in 2009 by Russian game-maker Konstantin Koshutin, is an action game about piloting flying vehicles armed with medieval weapons like hammers, maces, flails, and swords as well as the occasional long-range cannon. Its dusty Steampunk world was beautifully rendered – bashing it out with mutant bugs and other pilots was often as lovely as it was brutal, with colorful faction banners streaming about and little people cheering you on in the background. I quite enjoyed knocking my enemies about, too, since a meaty hit could send someone’s airship smashing into a wall, with bricks flying everywhere. Unfortunately, the physics-based movement also took its toll on my poor wrists and constantly swinging my mouse around in circles became painful and repetitive after awhile.

Koshutin’s newest project, Highfleet, seems to share some things in common with Hammerfight: mid-air duels in a dusty, lovingly-rendered world. Instead of floating ships with melee weapons, however, it looks as though you’ll be piloting more traditional aircraft and engaging in dogfights not dissimilar to Vlambeer’s Luftrausers (but slower-paced). From browsing the game’s Facebook page and Twitter, it looks like there will be a lot more to the game, too, like an overworld map and ship construction. Could be really cool (and a lot easier on my wrists).

No release date for the game has been announced.


    Hammerfight deserves a lot more kudos than it had, still don’t know why it’s rarely mentioned among the indies, but it’s definitely quite a gem. Will be following this, completely forgot about this dev as well. Thanks for the head’s up, it’s looking great so far.

    Usually the “HD” assets in a 2D game look pretty awkward, especially when they’re trying to go to a more photorealistic approach (cough, Nifflas, cough) but this guy seems to be pulling it off. The clouds and overall dust/smoke particle effects look gorgeous.

  • Anton

    the project look super cool. I want to play it just for the hud

  • Radradya

    I always want to know more about Russia game developer society. Do they have something other than military-themed games?